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  1. I am confused about the monthly statistics. It starts not from 0, but from a random dollar amount. I know it must have some logic to it and come from somewhere, but it doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone explain this and perhaps tell me how to get it to start with 0 (as my clients are requesting for their stores)?


  2. The stats on the store for the year lists each month sales with a relative starting point of $4827 as the baseline. The client just wants the bar graphs for each month to be relative to zero as the base line. How can I change admin/sources/sales.year.inc.php so that it does this? I looked around at it and don't quite understand the process.


  3. Actually, I'm running 5.2.5 so that isn't it. I also have another store V 4.1.1 on the same server and it works fine....

    ... PHP ≥ 4.3.0: 5.2.5

    Actually, you may find that it is: if your server looks like it supports dual php versions (There are 2 versions listed), and in this case, it may be set to the default of version 4 php. In order to get it working with php5 in this instance, you'll need to do a small .HTACCESS hack, to tell the server to use php5 as the default, and php4 as the exception. Your hosting company will be able to tell you what to do here.

    I can't help thinking that you may need a different version of the ioncube loader. When you say you have another working store on the same server, do you mean the exact same server, with the same domain?

    No, I mean www.anabol.com domain on the same server. Where do you see 2 versions of php listed? I've been running php 5.x for quite a while now and don't see any evidence of php 4 anywhere. The line "... PHP ≥ 4.3.0: 5.2.5" is from compat-test.php output meaning "is you php 4.3 or above: it is 5.2.5" I see no evidence of php 4 running on this box.

  4. Well your PHP is outdated. PHP 4 >= 4.3.0 is required as stated at CubeCart homepage

    I am sorry the compatibility script should be updated.

    Where did you get that?

    Actually, I'm running 5.2.5 so that isn't it. I also have another store V 4.1.1 on the same server and it works fine.


    If you do www.nasports.com/store/compat-test.php you will get this:

    CubeCart 4 Requirements Test

    Ioncube Loader: Installed

    Zend Optimizer: Not Available

    GD Image Library: Version 2

    PHP ≥ 4.3.0: 5.2.5

    MySQL ≥ 4.1.0: 4.1.22


    Your server is compatible with CubeCart v4

    If all tests have a green result on the right, then your server should run CubeCart 4 without any problems.

  5. I did a fresh install of 4.1.1 and all looks good except that the slug page that is up when the store is off has a Warning on it:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/nasports.com/httpdocs/store/index_enc_ion.php on line 52

    Got all green lights on compat-test.php and encoder is set to ioncube. I also re-uploaded every relevant file in binary.

    You can see for yourself at www.nasports.com/store

    Thanks for any help on this.

  6. I need to have some sub categories that parent to multiple top level categories.

    For example, for a vitamin and supplement site, there are top level categories that are designed to allow customers to shop according to objective, kits or the type of product.

    Each of these has sub categories that contain groups of products and the products themselves are inside each of these sub categories.

    Since many of the sub category groups belong in the tree of sub categories in multiple other categories or sub categories, I need to be able to assign multiple categories to a sub category the same way you can assign multiple categories to a product.

    Anybody know how to do this?


  7. Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but in version 3 with Authorize.net, the direct response page was confirmed.php. Since that doesn't exist in CC4, what is the valid response page to put in my Authorize.net settings?

    See, it WAS a stupid question. There is no response page setting for CC4. You don't need to do that for Authorize.net version 3.1.

  8. I've also been looking for a solution to showing different quantities for the same item.. It seems counterintuitive to enter the same product over and over, when a 1, 5, 10, 20... etc option would be best.

    Have you found a workaround more elegant than the category solution?



    No. I did the sub-category as the product description and then each product is the size of the same thing. It is a little clunky, but it will work. The store isn't online yet, but the site is www.anabol.com. We hope to go live in the next couple of weeks. He has a LOT of products.

  9. All I could think of would be to make sure in your viewCat.tpl file that the lines:

    <!-- BEGIN: cat_desc -->


    <!-- END: cat_desc -->

    are still intact. Beyond that it might be database problems, or something inherent to you install.

    I hope that helps.

    Is it the default configuration for the Category descriptions NOT to show up? My fresh install of CC4.0.3 is not showing them either. That doesn't seem very logical. Why would you not have that in the template? If you don't want a description showing, you simply wouldn't put one in. Something is fishy here.

    EDIT: I just looked closely at the viewCat.tpl file and noticed something. There is an illegal tag in the page:

    <select class="dropDown" id="sortMethod" class="textbox">

    See the problem? there are two class attributes. That's a no-no. I think this page needs tweaking. However, this is not the problem. There was a bug in the Categories in < 4.0.3 Kita Blue skin. My store skin was a custom mod of Kita Blue I took from a test install of 4.0.2 so it shows this flaw. If you upload the styleTemplates folder from 4.0.3, it will work. It solved it for me.

  10. I'm looking for some help from the talented minds out there. I'll try to make this clear and concise:

    I have a client who sells vitamins, supplements and body building amino acids, etc.

    He has each product in many different sizes, 60 tablets, 120 tablets, 240, tablets, 500 tablets, etc. AND also offers it in powders of all sizes. As you can guess, that makes a lot of combinations. I wish the options feature had one little additional parameter. I'll try to explain -

    Each product sold online is discounted from the list price and he wants to show the list price and the sale price FOR EACH SIZE OF EACH PRODUCT. CC4 does that, but only if you list each product size as a separate product. He (and I) don't want to do that. Waaay too much clutter and redundancy.

    If you use the options, then the price is listed for the smallest size and then you can add an option for each size and the additional cost. The problem is there is no way to indicate the discount being received off of normal list price in each of the additional sizes.

    What is needed is a Product with full description and a sort of hybrid option that is more of a sub-product that lists each size as a product to add to the basket and has the list price strikeout with discount price showing for each option within the product itself.

    Realizing this isn't really possible, anybody have a clever workaround to do something to sort of simulate this? Maybe someone has written a mod to address this type of situation? Maybe I'm an idiot and it is right in front of my face? I would be happy if any of these were true (I know the idiot part is).

    I can't imagine that this sort of thing isn't an issue with other stores selling clothes or packaged foods like candies or something where there would be different sizes and all and the full price needs to be listed for each instead of an option with an additional cost.

    I can only come up with doing sub-categories that are actually the product full description and the products attached to the sub-category (which is now a pseudo-prod desc) as just the name and size. I think it will work OK, but it isn't really as elegant a solution as I would like and adds an extra drill-down for the customer that I would like to avoid.

    All suggestions welcomed!


  11. Thanks for feedback.

    It does seem that this is a known bug - Estelle Winterflood (over at cubecart.org) posted me a mod/fix aptly called 'Occasionally orders are received with an incorrect subtotal'.

    I now have this issue with CC3. Can you tell me where this mod is? I searched all over cubecart.org and can't seem to find it. I also checked Estelle's site and it doesn't appear to be there either.


  12. One of the reasons why I still run PHP4 on my server is because of the many times I've heard that one piece of software or another wouldn't work with PHP5. At the moment, I'm not exactly sure what will or what won't work if I upgrade PHP.

    It's good to hear that CubeCart works with PHP5. Now if I can find a definitive answer on my other scripts (Dynatracker, PostAffiliatePro, ListMailPro, especially) that they also work in PHP5, I'd switch this minute.

    Of course, I guess I could make the upgrade, and if something fails, I could revert back to PHP4. I have no idea how to set the server up to run both at the same time. My knowledge of server administration is limited to WHM and CPanel.

    And so it goes full circle. If the users insist on php5 compatible programs and companies like CC step up and join the initiative, then the software producers who aren't in step will HAVE to update their wares or get left behind. It is a process that has to start somewhere and, as I said, there are sacrifices to be made, nothing worth anything is painless. And, as customers to these software providers, we need to speak up.

  13. Bravo to you for having the strength to commit to move forward. It has been, what, 3 years since php5 came out? And php6 is on the way. That is long enough for hosts to step up and do the work to make things current.

    Not to start a rant, but......

    Web standards are a mess and progress is further slowed by the resistance of programmers to look forward. It is up to all of us to suck it up and do a lot of retrofitting at regular intervals to keep this train rolling. If the people who are constantly whining and resisting upgrading things used that energy to just do it, we would all be better off.

    It also seems hypocritical for programmers to bitch about users with version 3.x or 4.x browsers, and also bitch about software or scripts that won't degrade to their obsolete server set up. Hmmm. How do you justify that little contradiction? THREE YEARS PEOPLE! Get off your butt!

    CC v4 is a perfect example of having to make a turn and, in so doing, force people to make some changes. For it to reach the next level, it had to be redone pretty much from the ground up. No "easy upgrade" for all of us with clients using CC3x. Although I don't look forward to all the work it will take to migrate the stores I host, I will do it happily for all the long-term benefits it will provide and understand that progress means sacrifice. Brooky and the crew are doing it to make a better product so we can do it to take advantage of their efforts.

    Look ahead, do the work, reap the benefits... in programming and in life. Period.

    Rant off.

  14. Many thanks!! I've just added the code to my installation.

    The line right after

    $orderSum['time'] = $db->mySQLSafe(time());
    is the default customer comment line, 
    $orderSum['customer_comments'] = $db->mySQLSafe($_POST['customer_comments']);

    which has to be commented out (or replaced) when adding the proposed code.

    As far as the 'mod' nature of this, I consider it more a bug fix than a mod.

    Whatever you call it, it works. Thanks very much for sharing it!

  15. We had the same issue and added a quick mod to gateway.inc.php. Since we know that the comments are in the basket before we transfer to AIM, but deleted upon return, we figured the quickest thing to do was to retrieve the originally saved comments and add them back into the string that AIM updates.

    Here's the code snippet:

    Add right after: $orderSum['time'] = $db->mySQLSafe(time());

    // fix for customer comments


    $orderSum['customer_comments'] = $db->mySQLSafe($basket['customer_comments']);

    $basket = $cart->setVar($basket['customer_comments'],"customer_comments");

    } else {

    $orderSum['customer_comments'] = $db->mySQLSafe($_POST['customer_comments']);

    $basket = $cart->setVar($_POST['customer_comments'],"customer_comments");


    It's a hack, but it works. Many thanks to RL.

    Many thanks to you for that! I will test it out tonight.

    Hack, schmak. If it works it is a "mod" as far as I'm concerned.

  16. It is definitely symptomatic of the AIM method. If you do any other type of transaction or stop at the embedded form for Authorize_AIM, it shows the order written correctly in the admin database. As soon as you complete the gateway transaction it appears to burn the comments when it returns to update the order status from 1 to 2.

    I figure it has to be happening here in the includes/orderSuccess.inc.php script:

    // update order status to payment received

    $data['status'] = 2;

    $update = $db->update($glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_order_sum", $data,"cart_order_id=".$db->mySQLSafe($cart_order_id));

    I looked at the $db->update() method and it seems fine. The single element array $data['status'] should be the only thing updated in the table but somehow the comments are getting burned on the return because they are in the table when the order is in pending mode.


  17. I have traced it down a bit. I noticed that if you go up to the CC form (which is where CC saves the initial order to the DB), the comments are saved. Since it seems that the problem occurs when the order is placed through an AIM approach and the Authorize_AIM module form template doesn't have the {VAL_CUSTOMER_COMMENTS} in the form, I'm thinking that it is getting rewritten on the return since it isn't present in the form page. That is why paypal and free items would save the comments, you aren't using on board AIM forms and there is no rewriting of the information when the form is sent to the gateway.

    I need to put a store in test mode and try it with new form elements added. I will do that in the middle of the night and report back.

  18. OK, I think I have it. It is a bit involved, but it seems to work. I also have modifications to the files of Express Checkout if you are using that mod in your store.

    Since it is somewhat of a mod, I don't think I'm allowed to post it here. I will have to clean up my notes and post it as a free mod over on www.cubecart.org.

    I will do it when I am done handling today's "client emergencies". :)

    Check there later today or tomorrow.


    Just noticed that the free mod section of cubecart.org is really messed up. PM or email me through my profile and I can give you the details.


    Found a bug in this. If you got a copy from me, PM me or email me and I will give you the fix. It isn't showing some international counties due to a dumb coding mistake.

  19. I think I may have found a pattern to this problem. In my store, all comments are saved EXCEPT when a customer uses the Authorize.net gateway.

    When an order is free, comments are saved.

    When an order is paid via PayPal, comments are saved.

    When an order is paid via Authorize.net, comments are NOT saved.

    These are the only gateways that I've been able to track. There may be other gateways that have the same problem too.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Yes, Authorize AIM is doing it to me. Looking for a solution...

    Anyone figured this out? I have been looking at the scripts and can't quite figure out where the comments are getting lost in the transfer to the Authorize page. If anyone can give me the actual script where the order is written, I will try to track back on it so see where they are lost.

  20. I think I may have found a pattern to this problem. In my store, all comments are saved EXCEPT when a customer uses the Authorize.net gateway.

    When an order is free, comments are saved.

    When an order is paid via PayPal, comments are saved.

    When an order is paid via Authorize.net, comments are NOT saved.

    These are the only gateways that I've been able to track. There may be other gateways that have the same problem too.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Yes, Authorize AIM is doing it to me. Looking for a solution...

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