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  1. This is a big problem. I can't seem to delete remove the US Zone. This is a bug in Cubecart. Old customer accounts can update their address information and it works. Need some help on this one. I click Delete and it does nothing. Tried in IE9 and Chrome.
  2. I have mentioned this in the past but I cannot imagine a why we are being used as Beta testers. Support recommended I upgrade to fix my issues. If I upgrade my shopping cart I would hope it would be certified and tested.
  3. This update has also caused some tax issues for me. Are we beta testers every time there is a new release? I would like to know if these upgrades are stable and fully certified before I proceed with upgrading my store.
  4. This upgrade actually fixed my tax issue but now it offers a confusing display showing taxes but not charging them if they are out of state. Is there a bug reported for this?
  5. I too am seeing this issue. Upgraded from 5.0.7 to 5.0.9.
  6. In the Admin Panel under Orders page, all of our orders now say Pending when in fact most of them should be completed. However if you click on an order the order summary displays the correct status of Processing or Completed. As always I cleared the Cache directory after the upgrade. Any ideas?
  7. Cubecart 4.2.3 PHP Version: 5.3.9 Have a couple custom mods on this store so it hasn't been upgraded past it's current version in fear of breaking something.
  8. Upgraded to a newer version of PHP on the server and the WYSIWYG editor stopped working. Any ideas on how to fix?
  9. In Cubecart 4 you had options to add keywords to Documents, Categories, and products. I don't see this in Cubecart 5. I only see a global setting. Am I missing something here?
  10. Our store has thousands of customers and if they can't login they try to register again. For some reason Cubecart 5 is allowing them to register again with the SAME email address. This has happened twice this week and already half a dozen times prior to this week. Both accounts are useless. You can't login even if the password is reset. The only way I know how to fix is to delete both accounts and all orders for the accounts and recreate the customer account. Customers get mad and we lose money because they can't login to order products. Any ideas?
  11. Updated to 5.0.5 from 5.0.3 and now I get an internal server error when I try to print an order summary. I cleared the store cache but still no luck. Any ideas?
  12. Upgraded from 5.0.3 to 5.0.5 with Success according to the script. After checking out the store, there were no products. While trying to login to the Admin page all I saw was a white background. There was nowhere to login. I had to restore the site from a backup.
  13. Upgraded from 5.0.3 to 5.0.5. NO GOOD! To be honest I have upgraded to 5.0 from 4 and this was the worst mistake I have ever done!
  14. Thank you! I commented out the line
  15. It's a world of messes so far. Support just fixed that issue finally but there are still another bothersome issue. Running 5.0.1 When using the Authorize.net AIM gateway customer email receipts show a quantity of 1 no matter how much they order. The price is correct for the quantity they ordered. Paypal and Print Order Form gateways work fine. Customers calling and emailing everyday complaining. He is mad at me saying his business reputation is getting ruined. I am lost for words. I was hoping this upgrade would be good for his business. I set this up for a friend and he is wishing he could go back to Cubecart 4.
  16. This upgrade to Cubecart 5 might be a death to the store! I submit tickets then I am told to create a bug for it. Sure enough the bug gets rejected, ticket gets put on hold and my issue does not get resolved. This store is receiving many orders a day and NOTHING IS CORRECT! See screen shot and do the math
  17. There have been several orders cince 5.0.1 upgrade. Paypal and Print order form modules work great. It is a pain to deal with but hopefully it will get sorted out soon.
  18. No they all use the same template. Somehow the {$product.quantity} tag isn't updating quantity.
  19. This appears to be an issue for the Authorize.net payment module. Will update my bug
  20. Somehow a user is logged in the customer database 2 times with the same name and email address. Both names have orders on them to the same guy. Not sure how this happened. he cannot login. I disabled one account and tried reseting passord of the enabled account which didn't work. I don't want to delete an account because they both have orders under them. These two names are the same person and now he can't login to place an order. Any ideas?
  21. I have yet to find out if this fix varies on type of payment module chosen. So far this has worked correctly for Paypal and Print Order form. I will update the bug and ticket when we get a order through Authorize.net AIM.
  22. Cleared store and SQL cache then tested and it worked. Will verify this as a fix as more orders come in.
  23. This store gets a lot of orders daily. I built this for a friend of mine and the 5.0 upgrade has been a nightmare but I have full confidence we will get it working. Until then my friend has to call every customer that orders to explain the error. I checked this bug. This coding has been patched since we did the 5.0.1 update but is not working.
  24. Agreed. Not all companies have their servers setup the same way it just worries me to see that permission being set.
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