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  1. Sorry to hear the problems.. I seem to log in fine, but I don't use Hughes.net satellite
  2. I couldnt find a "Cube Cart" specifically, but Intuit claims, "Just about any ecommerce shopping cart file can be use with some customization." Intuit's Idea Here One of their developers site claims "Does NOT change your cart. Uses remote access via ODBC or a small PHP or ASP script Almost any cart can be supported - just send us the files you download." AaaTeX Cart Intergrator
  3. Sad... Unless your host has or saved backup ( or if you saved backups) all your data is on a server that isn't accessible. There isn't much you can do, contact the host and ask for your data back!. Trace your hosting provider and see if they have a backup.. Your host may have been on a re-sale program, if so find out who they hosted with and see if they have your data.
  4. I have No Idea on what Mortekai did.. But since it works I'll cancel therapy sessions, I sent Mortekai a mail so lets hope he'll pop back in and post the code changes... Morteki does the graphics work and also host our site, I've been hosting there for a few years now. Edit I did get a reply but I still dont know what file he changed;
  5. Thank You chantesse Interesting topic, but the CSS are so far different between the download versions and the custom skin set I'd never be able to see what or were to start, I'm sure its not a layout issue because I did get the Buy button to work. It's just the registration problems I'm missing. Well I left a message, but who knows.... This has gotten me totally depressed, After about a year of waiting for a skin to match our community forums and only two simple mods on the cart I think I'm about to draw the conclusion that no matter who you hire, no one can fix anything (I can't). Is there anyone who can de-bug a cart?
  6. Well cart.php from the original download is identical to the cart off the server.. I'm not sure about the other two files, but I'm guessing there in my skin folder. edit styleTemplates/content has the viewcat_tpl.php, but so far I still cant find the viewcat.ini.php (yet anyways) So I've found the same problem as Convict found and the "Buy" issue is resolved... but I still cant figure out why people cant register...
  7. Thanks For the reply Mysty, I found the cart.php file in the root DIR.. but I dont know where to find the other two files.. (theres allot of files in this thing ), LOL Once I can find them I'll put them in winmerge next to the OME files and see what I can see... not that I'll really have any idea of what I'm looking at, but I'll give it my best. Any ideas where to find the viewCat.php and viewCat.inc.php ?
  8. Since I wiped the whole database and cart off the server and re-installed the Cart and Database as new I still have the same problems as I've had for the last several months.. People cant register on the cart, after filling in the required information and clicking the "submit/continue" it goes back to the same page to be filled in again,, of course any login fails with that information. Try for yourself Here I also have the issue that both Al and Convict helped with but I haven't been able to correct the issue, and thats the Buy button doesn't add any products to the cart. I had another topic Here but I've re-installed the whole cart and have the same problem Any helps apperciated :dizzy:
  9. ACKKKkkkk !! Your right Joe,, that helped the the store is back on.. (to a point anyways) we still cant get the buy button to work and people still cant register .... I'm at a loss, not only that, but my license key wont work anymore Have you ever had "One of those Days?" :dizzy:
  10. MySQL Error Occured 1044: Access denied for user: 'trutlema@localhost' to database 'Shops' We had a store all set up... (version 3.0.14) but we never could get the buy button to work and no one could ever log in.. it never would accept a new registration.. So after several months I gave up trying to find a fix and figured its time to start over from basic one. I deleted the whole database (yes after a backup) I deleted all Cube Cart Files/folders I refreshed the server I created a new database I FTP'd all the files/folders to the server (version 3.0.15) I start the install and can only get to step 3, thats when I get the error above I know my passwords, ect, ect so why am I being denied access ? I'm at wits end with this thing........ Is their anyone who truly knows how to set up one of these?........ :dizzy:
  11. Thanks Mr William Sir... Somewere along the line of me enabling hotlink Protection via Cpanel and or enabling Spam Assassin the redirects in the htaccess file got removed, I disabled both hotlinking and spam assassin then FTP'd the back-up htaccess file and all seems to be well now.. Thank God for back-ups... Now I just need to deal with the hotlinkers and find a good way to reduce all the friggin spam! :huh:
  12. I'm really sure this isn't a Cube Cart issue, earlier today everything worked fine as it did for the last while, then when checking the site later today I started getting errors, as of now No link or product can be viewed. All I get is a error page. Any idea where I can start looking to fix this? I submitted a ticket with my host but who knows if that will get looked at... I have a dead store right now,,, any ideas?? See for yourself Here :huh:
  13. On this page, Here no matter if your logged in or not when you click the Buy Button it dosent add to the cart, But, if you click "More" then Add to cart it works fine.. Where do I look to fix this.. and more important,, What am I looking for? Any help is appreciated :(
  14. I Found it....... good grief rsigrowers/language/en/lang.inc.php WAYYyy down on line 2083......... > 'product_code' => "ID:",
  15. Thank You Convict..... Once again, your help is valued.... After I looked at the file I see what I really want to do is just change {LANG_PRODCODE} to read ID: instead of Product Code: Is there some documentation that I should be reading for Cube Cart someplace?, something that shows the file structure?? Or better yet.. wheres the file that has the "Text" that {LANG_PRODCODE} extracts from?
  16. In the Catagory/product info I want to change the ;; Price: Product Code: In Stock: so the info is Below text or;; Price: $ Product Code: XYZ In Stock: 8 the page is Here
  17. #pageSurround { background-color: #F2dec6; border: 2px solid red; margin-bottom: 5px; width: 100%; overflow: auto; } That seems to have done the trick...... simple fix I guess
  18. I think I almost have this taken care of in Firefox but viewing it in IE theres still aways to go... What I'd like to get help with is CSS adjustments for my Skins/rsi/StyleSheets/popup.css ,, If you click Here then view "More Images" in Firefox its almost how I want it,, but in IE its way off... Where in my CSS am I off? or what attribute do I need to add to the CSS to help IE out? What I'm trying to accomplish is for customers to be able to view a Full Sized Image that I'd rather FTP to the Images folder instead of useing the carts upload feature, (which seems to resize my images), If anyone views the other products, those images were uploaded via the carts upload feature, (hence "resized") body { margin: 5px; background-color: #A5A5A5; background-attachment: scroll; background-image: url(../styleImages/backgrounds/pageBg.jpg); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: top; } #pageSurround { background-color: #F2dec6; border: 2px solid #000000; margin-bottom: 5px; } #divThumbsImg { overflow:auto; height: 700px; width: 120px; text-align: center; float: left; margin-right: 5px; border-right: 2px solid #a44904; } .thumbsImg { border: 1px solid #000000; background-color: #000000; } #divMainImg { float: left; width: 600px; height: 600px; text-align: center; overflow: hidden; margin-bottom: 5px; } a.popupLink { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 75%; text-decoration: none; color: #000000; font-weight: bold; } a.popupLink:hover { color: #070F72; font-weight: bold; } .txtCopyright, a.txtCopyright { text-align: left; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 1px; padding-top: 5px; color: #999999; } a.txtCopyright:hover { text-decoration: none; } Any help is always apperciated ;)
  19. I think theres been a number of topics on the same issue, or at least the same warning, this is a long topic but I think it will give you the answers your looking for,, when I view your site I dont have any problems viewing it in FF and IE... four pages of info for you :)
  20. Thanks markscarts.. I wasnt implying that there was a problem with the Mod, I'm just trying to fix the things that I paid others to do for me, If I knew where to look or what to look for I wouldnt have hired the people in the first place....... the whole things been a flippin nightmare
  21. Theres 41 errors on our site when I run it through W3. I've been looking for which file has these errors so I can correct them, most are around the AECL mod that was installed but theres others in places I cant find, In fact I cant find the AECL eaither The W3 test Anyone willing to give me some directions?
  22. Well.......... I guess after all this time no one has the answer :dizzy:
  23. I might be way off here but I've never had this problem with Cube Cart before, but I had the same problem with my Zen Cart.. Heres what I did in the Zen,, so take it for what its worth but it might be your answer; in PHP MyAdmin <?php echo md5("password"); ?> the password is coded if I remember, but thats your current password, as I follow the rest of the question there saying to edit the the old pass to a new one that you cant forget (easy for them to say), then refresh PHPMyAdmin, that should produce an output of the new pass,(that will update your DB) then use the new pass to access your admin. Thats all I ever had to do with my ZenCart.. since its all on the DB I'm guessing it should work the same since your working with PHPMyAdmin and not the cart. I hope this helps you :sourcerer:
  24. Well dang if I know... I know that when I did the install I had a few files that I set to 777 to FTP them, but thats it.. Where in ACP would I see if theres any permissions that would need to be set for countrys in Personal Information? The only thing I can see to do is delete every country except the US so it defults to that country.. theres got to be something else that I'm missing.
  25. We've been trying to update the Personal Information on our account in the Cart but the country wont update, were in the US but no matter what country we select it always defults to the country at the top of the list. We get the confirming letter of an account update but it dosent really "update" Any ideas on a fix?
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