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  1. Okay, I did a search but was unable to find what I was looking for. Does anyone know where I can find out the fix for stock levels not updating??? My stock levels worked great until recently. They just completely stopped working after I moved from one server/domain to another server/domain. I've been having to do this by hand. At first I thought it was just 'pending' orders, but even when marked completed, the stock stays the same. This is not good as I get many frequent orders of the same products and it's getting harder to control. Anyone have any ideas??? Thanks!!
  2. When I complete an order, I add comments to the customer in their invoice, including a manually entered tracking number. Is there a way to LOG these or have it so that if I click on the order again, it remains in the box, like the Admin Notes above it does??? If not, there should be a feature for that... :(
  3. Did you ever find anything out? I am now in need of something similar, for practically the same reasons.
  4. Yes, it turned out that Dreamhost installed a corrupt PHP script or service or something on my server/host account. They were able to get it fixed and it installed like a charm! I was freaking out because none of my php stuff was working, I thought I had screwed my whole databases up! lol
  5. oK.. well, my previous server had no problems at all with CC3... I recently moved to dreamhost hosting and am having problems.... All I did was upload the files to the server... and when I went to try and install it... I am getting all kinds of crazy errors in my error log. The screen displays the 500 Internal Server Error message... in my log it says something like Premature end of script headers: /dh/cgi-system/php.cgi File does not exist /home/outwardjourney/outwardjourney.net/internal_error.html Soo... I am thinking ok i screwed up and was thinking about it for a second and when I tried going to my forum vBulletin forum running PHP scripts, the same thing happened with both my forums. Now, I know everyone's going to shoot out delete the _htaccess file... well, there is NO htaccess file anywhere to be found in the root directories... What do I do?? I've contacted support on my server to see if it's something on their end, but they have not replied yet. Is there something else I can check??
  6. Okay, I have a host which I am leaving and have my store fully up and running on. Is there a way to transfer my store without losing everything I did to it, including mods, products, etc.??? If there is, can someone tell me how to do it?? Do I just download everything and reupload it to the new server?? I need help ASAP as I need to be off my server in a week!!!! Thanks!!
  7. This was an order just placed earlier this afternoon... the customer was able to pay via paypal, and then was returned back to the cubecart screen where he got an "order failed" notice. Payment went through successfully, but he did not get any kind of confirmation from the store at all (obviously). I checked my email, and this is what I had in my BOX... That is exactly how it came across, sent to: was blank, the information and addresses were all blank, etc. and the customer WAS logged in according to them.
  8. I too just had problems upgrading from 3.0.8 - 3.0.9 I just reuploaded the sessions.inc.php file and it went back to normal, but continues to say version 3.0.8 in the admin area. I will upgrade now from 3.0.9 to 3.0.10 and hopefully not screw anything up! Hopefully, a solution to this is around the corner soon...
  9. Okay, I will give it a shot later tonight.... but if it doesn't work, im holding you personally responsible!!! Just kidding... :huh:
  10. thanks, that must be what has happened. I figured that might have been it, but I was waiting for payment notification to be emailed from paypal. Sure enough, the order in the admn was the correct one. Thanks... I usually wait to see, but the big concern is, that if they do a print order, which one gets printed? The one that is emailed or the one that is changed. This is what would confuse me, as I've had one like this which I am still waiting for payment on. Also, think there might be an add on to the future carts or maybe a MOD that would email a "Order number 293232-23232-232323 CHANGED" or even a "Cancelled" order??
  11. Okay, i have 3.0.8 at the moment. Obviously, it's time to upgrade being there are two new upgrade options out there. IF i simply upgrade the files listed in the change log, I should have NO problems right?? The last couple times I've upgraded, I practically lost everything and had to redo the entire store. This is NOT an option right now. So, upgrading the files mentioned and only those files will eliminate this correct?? Also, when I do this, I would simply need to backup the files mentioned in the change log only too, since they are the only ones going to be overwrited?? I am not sure how to do a backup of the store from my server. PLEASE HELP!! THANKS
  12. Okay... my emails are being sent to me, I've had this happen about three times. Here is what's going on.... I get my email confirmation of an order being placed. I then go into my admin to verify. Good thing too!! I have caught 3 emails that are completely different than the order that was placed. The email is showing a totally different product number, product description and amount than what the admin panel is saying, but they both have the same Order # Which one is the accurate one??? I am assuming it's the one in cubecart that is accurate. Is there a fix for this??? I am still on CC Version 3.0.8
  13. Mine is also doing the same thing as of today. The Cubecart certificate expired today. according to the pop up. So you are NOT the only one!! How do we get new certificates??? Thanks!
  14. Okay, I did a search for sorting mods, and all of them pretty much do the same thing, sort by little things, but im not sure if that's what I need. I add NEW products regularly, and I am getting tired of manually moving the products down by editing the products one at a time. When I add a new product it always shows up at the bottom of the list. I sometimes need them to be next to a related product which could be listed 5 items up from the bottom where the newly added item is. Is there any kind of drag and drop option or move option available that will resort the items according to where I want them, and NOT based on alphabet, id code, etc??? For instance, I sell herbs, and if I have 5 products of the SAME herb, but different strengths I need to be able to shift them around. example: boogers ultra low strength boogers low strength boogers high strength boogers ultra high strength NEW item: Boogers medium strength (listed at bottom) the new item I need shifted up two spots..... Anyone??? HELP is much appreciated!!!
  15. Sorry the above post was by me... it claimed me as an unregistered guest for some reason?
  16. Well, had to redownload the "upgrade" which turned into a completely new 'install'. Does anyone know if I have a backup for my language/en/home.inc.php file, if I can upload that safely so I don't have to retype my whole frontpage information?? That's what I was REALLY trying to avoid.... Please let me know!!! Thanks!
  17. yeah looks like im going to have to delete everything and start all over again. I've got errors all across the board, even inside the install files uploaded. I don't know what's going on. Im going to redownload the zip file again and see if that helps. This is the first version I've had problems with, unfortunately, all the setup time and everything I've spent getting the store just right is now kaput! Lemme try the database stuff and starting over. brb
  18. okay... NOT good! I have uploaded the files TWICE... still no go. Did I miss something? I just downloaded the 3.0.8 version tonight. These are the errors I am receiving exactly what's showing up on my homepage. http://www.ladysalvia.net/store/ ?>*(\.[a-z]{2,5})$",$email)){ return TRUE; } else { return FALSE; } } ////////////////////////////////// // get alternate language of product //////// function prodAltLang($productId){ global $db, $lang_folder, $glob, $config; if($lang_folder !== $config['defaultLang']){ $foreignVal = $db->select("SELECT name, description FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_inv_lang WHERE prod_master_id = ".$db->mySQLSafe($productId)." AND prod_lang=".$db->mySQLSafe($lang_folder)); if($foreignVal==TRUE){ return $foreignVal[0]; } else { return FALSE; } } else { return FALSE; } } ?> Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ladysalv/public_html/store/includes/ini.inc.php:9) in /home/ladysalv/public_html/store/includes/sessionStart.inc.php on line 40 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/ladysalv/public_html/store/includes/ini.inc.php:9) in /home/ladysalv/public_html/store/includes/sessionStart.inc.php on line 40 ]; } else { $GLOBALS['rootDir'] = $glob['rootDir']; $GLOBALS['storeURL'] = $glob['storeURL']; $GLOBALS['rootRel'] = $glob['rootRel']; } ?> Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ladysalv/public_html/store/includes/ini.inc.php:9) in /home/ladysalv/public_html/store/includes/session.inc.php on line 96 E code=".$db->mySQLSafe($cCode); $currencyVars = $db->select($query); ?>>parse("index.latest_prods"); } $index->parse("index"); $page_content = $index->text("index"); ?>box_content = $box_content->text("search_form"); ?>("session"); $box_content = $box_content->text("session"); ?>tent->parse("categories"); $box_content = $box_content->text("categories"); ?>nt = $box_content->text("random_prod"); } else { $box_content = ""; } ?>"info"); $box_content = $box_content->text("info"); ?>ontent->parse("language"); $box_content = $box_content->text("language"); ?>ntent = $box_content->text("currency"); } else { $box_content = ""; } ?>>assign("CART_STEP","step2"); } else { $box_content->assign("CART_STEP","cart"); } $box_content->parse("shopping_cart"); $box_content = $box_content->text("shopping_cart"); ?>s"); $box_content = $box_content->text("popular_products"); ?>box_content->text("sale_items"); } else { $box_content = ""; } ?> } $box_content->parse("mail_list"); $box_content = $box_content->text("mail_list"); ?>ontent->parse("site_docs"); $box_content = $box_content->text("site_docs"); ?> I can't access my ADMIN stuff either... all I did was simply upload everything as 3.0.7 did NOT have anything that needed to be saved as the store wasn't open to the public yet. Please let me know whats going on. This was a clean install.
  19. great I will give this a shot later this evening and see how it turns out!!! I did a serach (as you saw im sure) and found every related post and replied trying to find a fix :cry:
  20. Is 3.0.8 already setup like this or does this still need to be updated? For product weight it still says "LBS"
  21. :) Same here... any solutions yet??
  22. Yes, I am in need of something like this myself.... my store has not fully opened yet because of these types of things I need to get fixed up. Can you please PM me or let me know more specifically how you've managed this?? I've got like 2 or 3 backups already of everything I've done, I just need to know what to do to get it setup for priority mail weight rather than flat-rate. Thanks!!
  23. I have been doing a search for such a monster with no luck. Also, is there a way to make it adjust to a different price instead of the "flat rate" for priority mail? I mean i've only seen 1 or 2 different prices for these items. But I wasn't sure if the options automatically changed based on weight?
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