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  1. Okay, so I tried using PHP 5.3 and 5.4 on my site for other scripts, such as forum software, etc.. The issue is that I have CC 5.2.5 installed. I realized this morning 5.2.7 is released and I have not yet updated.


    So, apparently, for me to run my forum software I need to be able to use PHP 5.4.x and Cubecart has me running 5.2.17 due to a CGI Wrapper. I wrote my tech support and this is what they told me.



    Currently your site is stuck on PHP 5.2 because you've set up a
    custom PHP CGI wrapper. Your .htaccess points to it here:
    AddHandler php-cgi .php
    Action php-cgi
    What you're doing here is effectively overriding all of the PHP
    configuration settings in the webpanel. You'll need to remove this to be
    able to adjust the PHP version from the webpanel. Once you remove or
    comment out these lines in your .htaccess, you'll see the site switch
    over to 5.4.

    Is there a way to fix this handler so that I can run PHP 5.4.x


    Ioncube module is installed I believe if that should be of any help.

  2. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but what exactly is the point of the "Google Category" selection when adding a product? My category is NOT an option after scrolling through that long hard to read list. So I chose one closest to it. Is there a way to "add" a selection or maybe trim the list down as I will never sell 99.99998% of anything from the categories in that list?



  3. I went and backed everything up so I hope I am set there. I went into the admin area of CC and did the auto upgrade feature. During the 'upgrade', the page went blank. The RED color below is all I remember.


    It was at http://www.mydomain.com/admin/admin.php_g=maintenance&upgrade=5.2.5#upgrade


    After it sitting there for a while, I went back into my store, everything loaded fine. I went back into the admin section and it didn't say I needed to upgrade. However, when going into maintenance, it said I was still running 5.2.4, so the upgrade obviously didn't take.


    I am in the process of upgrading manually, however, I wanted to make this issue known in the event that someone else has the same problems. I do not know yet what the extent of or if any damage was done yet.

  4. So, it turns out DreamHost no longer allows ANY mail to go through their servers without it being sent to/from a mail server on their side. So I was unable to use an external email address such as gmail. I had to create a mail address at my domain and then have it forwarded to my gmail. What a pain...


    Oh, and how do I mark topics as resolved??

  5. Is there a quota that needs to be met before the emails go out within CC5? I have attempted to test the contact us form and it is not working. I have also created a test user to do the testing with. When a user creates an account, do they get an email? My test user did not get an email either.


    My website does allow php mail as I use it for the forum software without an issue....

  6. I've checked both this and cubecartforums.org without any luck. This should be simple enough, I just can't figure it out.


    I am using the Kurouto Grey skin.


    In the top right hand corner of the skin, there is a search bar. Above that, opposite the login/register links I would like to add a few links. One going back to the main site portal and one going to my forums. I can not seem to do this! I have tried editing several different template files to see either no changes or messing everything up. LOL


    I would also like to know where to add customized boxes for future reference.

  7. I see a lot of people are getting spammed by bots on reviews for their products. Is there a mod for V5 that will allow an administrator to approve reviews before they're publically posted? I would be interested in this! If there is one, I may have overlooked it... which has been known to happen! :rolly:

  8. BTW, I have a store title and browser title set and it still shows


    "Welcome to CubeCart 5 - Rekall, Inc - (Powered by Cubecart)"


    I am just demoing the product, but this never happened with previous versions. I don't mind having copyright information so I don't think I will purchase the copyright removal when I go to the pro version, but I need to know if this is fixable. I do NOT want people going to my website and then my store and seeing that in their browser title or browser tabs.

  9. Okay, so I generally ship via USPS Flat Rate boxes only. The items I will be shipping out will either be drop shipped items requiring no shipping fees from my end, or I have bulk items in stock locally. The items I have on hand are in incrementes of by the pound goods.


    I have 1lb, 3lb, 5lb, 10lb product options. Depending on the product it may vary on which USPS Flat Rate box it requires. Is there a way to have CC setup so that instead of doing an actual shipping cost that it calculate (by the total orders weight) which flat rate box option it requires?


    The other issue is, with dealing with flat rate boxes, eventually the box gets full. At about 20lbs of the product I sell, a large flat rate box is full. Is there a way to carry over into another shipping option beyond 20lbs, say to actual shipping costs + materials? Because at 20+lbs I would need a different box and different cost of shipping.


    1lbs = small flat rate box

    2lb - 7lb = medium flat rate box

    7lb - 20lb  = large flat rate box

    20lbs + = different shipping method/costs

  10. Okay, so I downloaded the trial of the latest cubecart. It's been quite a while since I have had cubecart.


    I installed the cart in /demo/ of my site to try it out, adjust the templates, etc. I am about ready to purchase, however, I do NOT want my store to be at /demo/ can I rename the directory of the cart and have everything work, or do I physically have to reinstall the cart software again?


    I had some install trouble due to the zend guard/zend optimizer issues with PHP. I did find a script to install ioncube for me so I got it working, I would just hate to mess all that up and start over.



  11. I am having a similar situation. I know the customer can go to their account and click on their order history to get the link, but nothing seems to be generated for my site after payment is comfirmed or in any emails they've received.

    anyone have any ideas??

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