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  1. Okay, when I sell something I give the option of first class and priority mail. But if the weight is larger than the limit for first class mail, will it automatically discard that option?

    Priority mail is there and setup, but is there a way to get it to change the type of medium? For instance it's saying Flat Rate Envelope 12.5" x 9.5" and the items will NOT fit in that envelope.

    I have different size products and that seems to be the only one coming up, even though they won't fit. Does this change based on weight or is this setup through the product somehow??? Anyone???

  2. Okay, I am totally having a brain fart.

    I am selling herbal alternatives, etc on my site and I was going through and realized I setup my product weights wrong.

    I sell herbs in grams and in ounces. My question is very simple. I seemed to have forgotten the decimal places to do grams. Anyone know??

    The weights are based in LBS. and if I sell one gram or one ounce??

    Also, is there a MOD that will add weight gradients to grams or ounces instead of lbs???

  3. Can anybody inform me of the documentation on how to upgrade from 3.0.6 to 3.0.7. The download that I received just gave me the upload files and no documentation.

    There should be a text file within the zip file that tells you what to do to upgrade. It's in the "upgrade" folder within the zip file. I dont have it in front of me now, but basically you exclude a few files when uploading the rest of the files. It's best to save the zip file after opening it up, and deleting the files you need to "exclude" according to the upgrade.txt file. This way you can batch upload all the files without worrying about overwritting the ones you need to save.

  4. Okay... so I installed this new version from a cold clean install since I had only basically setup 3.0.6 a few weeks ago.

    Here is the problem I foresee being a BIG problem....

    I have paypal setup and am waiting on my USPS API to go live... so I tested my products and I got an order confirmation in my email saying the order had been placed. BUT, I never placed an order.

    I added a product to my cart, and I went through to where it asks me to select payment, and I chose PAYPAL. Well, instead of actually paying, I simply closed my PAYPAL screen that came up asking me to register paypal and/or sign in with an existing account.

    Shortly after aborting, I got an email stating the order was completed.

    Is something setup wrong??? This did not happen with 3.0.6 at any time during the numerous tests I did. Anyone have any ideas??

    Here is what it sent me...

    Dear CubeCart Store Administrator,

    New Order Number: 051229-143535-7168 placed on Dec 29 2005, 14:35 PM


    Name: test test

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Subtotal: $6.99

    Postage & Packaging: $0.00

    Tax: $0.00

    Grand Total: $6.99


    Invoice Address:

    test test

    7324 bufa




    United States

    Shipping Address:

    test test

    7324 bufa




    United States

    Payment Method: PayPal

    Shipping Method: Free Shipping


    Order Inventory:

    Product: Test Product

    Quantity: 1

    Product Code: TESA31

    Price: $6.99

  5. Does this change what the USERS see?

    I could care less about what I see as ADMIN... the problem I am running into is that one category is in order.

    I sell herbs, etc. and 1 OZ. is before 4 OZ. (like it should in one area), but in the next area it is completely out of whack.

    Will this mod fix this kind of problem??? Because I am seeing something completely different than the USERS are seeing.

  6. Hi djcaseanova,

    The standard CubeCart functionality does not provide any way to do this.

    But I am working on a mod which will allow you to assign different stock levels to different product option combinations. If you like, I can contact you when this mod is completed (it will most likely be ready around the new year).



    I would appreciate that! Thanks...

  7. Okay.. I am setting up my CC3 to sell various products by weight, like OZ's. I want to do multiple weight increments. For instance:

    1 oz. ginseng

    4 oz ginseng

    But the problem I am having is that both products will come out of the same "inventory" pile I have. Is there a way to have both of these products coming out of the same "inventory" so that if someone buys two 4oz packages it will reduce the TOTAL amount of inventory for both the 4oz product and the 1oz product???

  8. I just changed the background for my KILLER


    This thread helped me do the background. But it does NOT mention that for the KILLER theme you must not "edit" but "ADD" the following tag to the areas mentioned for editing.

    Basically... make sure your layout.css in your killer styleSheets directory has the 'background-color' added to the BODY and pageSurround areas

    body {

    margin: 5px;

    background-color: black;


    #pageSurround {

    width: 748px;

    margin: 0px auto;

    padding: 5px;

    border: 2px solid #CCCCCC;

    background-color: black;

  9. How did you fix it? I think I might have the same problem...

    I don't really care to have the logo show up, but when I go through the cart, and under payment it says to select payment method. Instead of saying Paypal (which is the only option I offer) it says "Sales Payment"

    Is that what you were referring to or something else??

    If so, how did you fix it??

  10. I too am going to be looking for someone to help me setup cubecart. I have it installed properly I think, as I can get it to show up and everything, but I am having problems understanding the "general settings" and SSL. I am a complete newbie to servers and all of this. I run a forum/site that was installed for my by the host/creator of the software.

    I need help getting this integrated on my site. I would be appreciative!


    www.ladysalvia.net/store is the site I currently have coming up after basic installation, but I have no idea if the databases', etc. are all correct. It didn't give me any errors, and in the admin panel for cubecart, I have no idea how to set stuff up as far as SSL and all of that. I do not plan on using any kind of credit companies outside of PAYPALs cart payments and credit card payments. Is this possible???

    [email protected]

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