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  1. php mail works just fine as EverythingWeb has said. Why not use it?

    I have tried Mail() but it was coming up with errors. I'm not very good at understanding PHP so didn't really know what the error was saying.

    Is there any config needed except just having it set to Mail() instead of SMTP?


  2. I have been having nightmares with my email.

    At the moment all I can do is send out newsletters.

    I get NO admin emails at all

    The customer gets NO Order confirmation email

    Updating the order status DOESN'T send a status change email either.

    I have upgraded Cubecart to 3.0.10 and still nothing. i have no mods installed either.

    my SMTP settings seem correct as I can send emails from my Outlook account and I have tried port 25 and 587 (allowed by my ISP 1&1) but none work. I have cubecart running on WinXP Pro PC at the moment to test it. I have made sure port 25 etc are allowed through my firewall

    I cant seem to get the mail() option to work at all either.

    Is there any problems with my setup or can you suggest anything?

    I'm a noob to all this but learning slowly......

    Thanks in advance


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