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  1. Hi, Is Cubecart setup to use Google remarketing? If so does anybody know the: ecomm_prodid: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE', ecomm_pagetype: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE', ecomm_totalvalue: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE' Values. Thanks ,
  2. Anybody having issues with IE10 checkout process or adding to basket with V5.2.2?
  3. Installed V5.0.8 and all works fine. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  4. Still a no go. Tried everything in the thread you posted but still not showing images. Images are in the sources folder but not showing in admin or as thumbnails or prod pages. I will try another install (4th time lucky....hopefully).
  5. Tried all the advice in the post but still a no go. All the images are in the sources folder but nothing showing at all in admin or front end for thumbs or prod page images? Very odd.
  6. Hi, Just upgraded a store from 4.x.x to 5.0.9 and all went okay apart from I have no product images showing at all. Anybody got any ideas as to the remedy for this. Ive tried the settings/images/update file list. Checked all the CHMOD settings. Re-installed V5. PHP memory set at 128m. Really struggling now as there are a lot of images on this site. Thanks, Jon
  7. There is no manual for CC but over at CubecartForums.org there is a documentation area HERE that may help.
  8. alter: includes/global.inc.php
  9. You need to alter the include/content/index.inc.php file
  10. It is different because it is two seperate stores in two seperate directories. One is in the root and the other is in root/home.
  11. You need to alter the corresponding includes/content/ xxxx.inc.php file to alter the path for the {}
  12. I have had this a lot lately upgrading customers sites. Best way is to just upload a new includes/ cart.inc.php file and add any mod code back in.
  13. Have you just upgraded your store from an earlier version ?
  14. Which version of Cubecart are you using V3 or V4?
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