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  1. I think you need to put the skin copywrite back in place my friend otherwise your breaking the rules of the skin usage. :)
  2. You need to float your image in a div. Basically you need to create a box and put you content in it like in html tables.
  3. Basicaly, yes thats right just move the {SITE_DOCS} code but depending where exactly you want them you may need to add some styling to it by creating a class and placing the sitedocs within it.
  4. I think there a mod to put the catagories on two rows but I cant real say anymore over here as its against the forum rules. Go to cubecartforums.org, follow the link in my signature and ask over there
  5. You will need to alter your global.inc.php file to suit your new host configuration. Just do a search in here theres plenty pf threads on how to do this. Let us know how you get on with it.
  6. Have you fixed this. Im not getting any errors on the store front :wacko:
  7. There is a solution, cant discuss it here as its against the forum rules. Go to cubecartforums.org and ask there.
  8. Im glad it all worked out for you. Good luck with your CC store.
  9. Its a pleasure Hope your site works out for you. Good luck
  10. Just delete the old files (admin/ includes/ images/ language/ etc, etc.) Then re-upload the new files to the same place and run the install script. You can use the same DB, when you go through the settings at install just use the same DB path. Let us know how you get on.
  11. I think the easiest thing to do at this stage is re-install Cubecart.
  12. burgensteen

    My New Site

    Starting to look nice, but the shopping cart looks a bit lost in the right col on its own. Do you on plan on putting anything else in that column, if not i would personaly move it as your loosing a lot of space that could be used by expanding the mid column. Keep up the good work .
  13. There is a modification that does this but due to the forum rules i cant explain in here. Go to Cubecartforums.org (follow link in my signature) and ask over there. :o
  14. Unless im reading your post wrong, can you not just add product options to your product with these attributes ??
  15. You may have corrupted files on upload, try re-uploading, if it doesnt work then firstly contact your host to make sure everything is okay at their end. If this doesnt work, youll have to start digging deeper :o
  16. Do you have URL ?? + do you have any mods on your store ??
  17. Ahhhh I see, Well... You need to create a class in layout.css ( a box / width, height ) then place it in yourskin/ styletemplates/ index.tpl (and cart.tpl) within the topheader divs, then within these divs place your image path with link.
  18. Create your JPG image the same size as the topheader image and put it in yourskin/ styleimages/ backgrounds. Then open yourskin/ stylesheets/ layout.css and look for the topheader class and replace the .gif at the end if the image path to a .jpg. Simple as that. :o
  19. You need to get rid of the table, create a class in layout.css then enclose your latest prods in the div class. Back up files first, as ive never seen the table hack, so i wouldnt want you to mess everything up.
  20. you need to set in admin general settings the number of latest products to 6 if you want two rows of 3 and in yourskin/ stylesheets/ layout.css/ near the bottom '.latestprods' class adjust the width. Just play around with it till your happy.
  21. You need to create a seperate home page from the rest of your site. Ask over at cubecartforums.org. They have exactly what your after my friend. Follow the link in my signature
  22. Why not: Change the Latest products title to Products or get rid of it all together. Put the product description in with the latest prods. Put buy & more buttons in latest prods. This way the products are on the front page and can only be re-directed to the products via the boxes as you would have no catagory menu. Just a sugestion !!
  23. There is something that will do exactly this, you need to ask over at cubecartforums.org, you will get your answer there Follow the link in my signature.
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