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  1. What happens if you type: http://www.ballesdegolf.fr/admin/orders/ into your browser after youve logged in to admin ??
  2. Have you added any modifications to your store ?? What were you doing just before it stopped ??
  3. Look again, it is there....(I think your looking in yourskin/...not yourstore/) You will need to look for the text that you want to change (html kit is good for this as it has a find facility). Then leave the left hand code, but change the bit on the right. ie. The code in the lang.inc.php file at present: 'homepage' => "Homepage", You would need to change the bit on the right to: 'homepage' => "Home",
  4. Point 1 + 2 Yourstore/ language/ en( or whatever language you require)/ lang.inc.php :(
  5. I suppose it depends on how you want them !!!!
  6. You obviously have a custom skin, You need to alter the text in language / en / lang.inc.php
  7. Im using IE7 and all seems fine. Have you tried clearing your cache (CTRL+F5) ??
  8. burgensteen

    CTB Computers

    Ahhhh that explains the search placement then. I think youve done a good job, lots of people starting out tend to cram everything into their page with the thinking that if its for free I will have it on my site. But nowadays minimalistic is the way to go with lots of white space (so im told), looks more profesional that way. Nice work
  9. burgensteen

    CTB Computers

    Nice site, Think I would align the search to the right though, looks a bit lost in the middle.
  10. What you mean with the search, you want in in a box or just in the header ??
  11. burgensteen

    AG Music Store

    OOOHHHH!!!! you got 28 validation errors, check it out for yourself at http://validator.w3.org/
  12. You wanna share it for others to use ??
  13. There are lots of free mods, but they are not allowed in here due to the forum rules. Go over to cubecartforums.org, follow the link in my signature, youll find them there.
  14. What vesrion CC you using ? If you have '.latestprods' in your layout.css (at the very bottom) then just add 'margin: 10px;' or whatever px size you require.
  15. Bill, thanks for correcting me on this, I always get confused on which is the more stable way of doing this <_<
  16. Go over to Cubecartforums.org, they have just what your looking for if you want to run an affliate site. Follow the link in my signature as third party discussions ar nott allowed in here.
  17. Just tried it and it works for me !!!!!!!! The description vanished along with the three ...'s Post that bit of the code when you commented it out for us to check + What skin you using ?
  18. I think there may be a mod for doing just this, check over at cubecartforums.org, just follow the link in my signature.
  19. Already answered over at Cubecartforums.org
  20. Which text area ??????? Burgensteen
  21. Open yourskin/ styletemplates/ content/ viewcat.tpl. Find: <td class="tdListTitle"><strong>{LANG_DESC}</strong></td> and comment out like so: <!--<td class="tdListTitle"><strong>{LANG_DESC}</strong></td>--> That will get rid of the description completely. Burgensteen
  22. Yipeee !!! a new toy to play with Ill get back after I install and try it out. Thanks (oh and by the way, the Mr T avatar is scaring me )
  23. Without checking the db (so i dont know the names off hand of tables and colums) This is the sort of thing you need to do. This will delete the column id $query="ALTER TABLE <!--your table name--> DROP COLUMN <!--your column name"; mysql_query($query); This will recreate the column id from 1 upwards $query="ALTER TABLE <!--your table name--> ADD COLUMN <!--your column name-->INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY"; mysql_query($query);
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