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  1. Just use the manage categories on the view product page in admin to add them to as many categories as you wish
  2. Open skins/ yourskin/ stleTemplates/ layout.css Look for: .subCat (line 136) { text-align: center; padding-top: 8px; padding-right: 8px; padding-bottom: 8px; padding-left: 8px; float: left; width: 110px; height: 50px; } And change the width and height to a couple of pixels larger than your actual images. :cry:
  3. Glad you got it working. Now make a BACKUP just in case they move you again :unsure:
  4. In your DB open cubecart_category and delete the noProducts in each category that you want to delete.
  5. Do you have a backup you could re-install ??
  6. I think this would need a modification to the store as CC4 I dont believe CC4 doesnt have this feature. Better off asking over at cubecartforums.org
  7. burgensteen

    Beat this...

    Thats the one !!! Sorry, trying to multi task here and got a bi confused.
  8. burgensteen

    Beat this...

    Very nice + unique. But just check the email field in FF its not quite right !! Otherwise XXXXX (5 stars) Well done
  9. Check out the showoff forum !!
  10. They wont be addd to the mailing list.
  11. Dont forget the print order form needs to reflect this aswell !!
  12. Your better off posting over at cubecartforums.org.
  13. Check in your globsl.inc.php file to see if its set up the same as your ssl (www.yoursite.com or yoursite.com)
  14. How does Cubecart get around the Vista 'read only' settings on localhost ?? for things like the image folders ?? Ive just installed another script on my localhost and it keeps telling me to set the folder to 2777 if not then 777 should work, all the security settings are ticked for full control but Vista wont allow the read only box to be unticked (just Google for it, youll see lots of threads in this) so I cant use the folder.
  15. Sorry my mistake, I didnt realise that V4 had (powered by cubecart) in the title bar !! As for the design. Well done, very nice and original. Good luck with your venture
  16. Is this a V3 skin, if so isn't half of the bottom copywrite missing ??
  17. skins/yourskin/styleTemplates/viewProd.tpl :dizzy:
  18. You can alter the state of the ids showing on the site by the sql query in the apporpriate files. Just do a search in the forums or over at cubecartforums.org. Lots of people ask this question so it shouldnt be hard to find As to the category numbers being wrong, Go into your admin side of CC and right down at the bottom on the left nav is 'recount & rebuild' Just update the appropriate query.
  19. First off all contact your supplier and ask if they will allow you to use their pictures. Ive done this before on behalf of clients and found them to be very accomodating on the whole.
  20. There could be a few ways of this: 1... The _ could be nothing more than a naming convention and therefore has no effect on the other db, so either can be deleted. 2... Backup the good db and import its contents into the old db then check that it works by altering global.inc.php. If all is well just delete the _ db. 3... Just backup the _ db delete the old one and if the good one is deleted just recreate and import the backup. Hope this is off some help Joe
  21. You dont seem to have a class assigned to the catagories in your tpl file. You need to add the class "txtDefault" just like the home and sale from the same page.
  22. Hi, Im trying to get an image gallery with rollovers on Ebay. I know its awkward for Javascript but ive seen other auctions with similiar and they work but it wont let me upload ??? error: your listing cannot contain javascript(".cookie","cookie(","replace(",IFRAME, META or includes),cookie or base href. Any ideas how to achieve on an Ebay listing ?? Thanks Jon Figured it out. Ebay isnt the easiest for adding Javascript but got there in the end.
  23. Maybe something to consider for the install procedure ??? A choice of server type on the install info step ?? Just a thought :)
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