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  1. Only to select it as "ON". I've just found the problem by accident thanks. I needed to create a .htacces file in the Gen Admin section. I tried searching for product in the forum but it comes up with hundreds of topics most of which didn't have anything relevant in the title, it was only idle curiosity thet led me to read the .htaccess topic. If any of the authors read these then please note I'm really unimpressed with the installation proceedure for CC4. It might be fine if you're a whizzkid but I don't understand php/programming etc. at all and wading through the forum to find answers takes up an awful lot of time. It's thanks to some members some of my problems have been resolved but they really seem to me to be basic problems that should be included in a more extensive set of installation instructions. Thanks for your help burgensteen. David
  2. Me again. I expect you're getting as fed up with me as I am with Cubecart 4. CC v4.2.2 installed and evrything appeared to be running O.K. Went to store front and selected the included test product, received this error message : The requested URL /test/test-category/test-product/prod_1.html was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Put in new product, accepted O.K. but same message except prod_2.html not found. Both products are displayed in the store front. David
  3. Thanks Ausy My FTP manager is supposed to automatically detect but it obviously doesn't. It lists php files to be loaded as ascii in the tools section, removed it from the list and re-uploaded the files and it works fine now. Authors - It would be nice if the installation of CC4 was aimed at dummies as well as boffins. I've spent a lot of time on this and was on the point of giving up rather than persevering with a test run and purchase if all was O.K. Suggest that the readme.txt file is put in word format with a list of filenames that need to be uploaded in binary. I missed 2 of them. The .txt file is full of weird characters and has to be completely re-formatted with line/paragraph breaks and deletion of weird characters to make it readable. Thanks everyone David
  4. Well I'm in the same boat. The compat file says : CubeCart 4 Requirements Test InstalledIoncube Loader: InstalledZend Optimizer: Version 2.0.34GD Image Library: 5.2.6PHP ≥ 5.2.0: 5.0.45MySQL ≥ 4.1.0: Congratulations. Your server is compatible with CubeCart v4 Other Information InstalledcURL: Installedmcrypt: OffSafe Mode: Site admin works fine but when I go to the storefront I get the following error message : Fatal error: Unable to read 4310 bytes in /home/antiick1/public_html/test/index_enc_zend.php on line 0 Originally I didn't have Ioncube installed but that's up and running O.K. now. Someone above suggested using "Ioncube instead" but how do you use that and not zend?????? I'm running a trial version thank goodness because I've spent hours and hours on this and can't resolve it. Would appreciate any help possible please. Thanks David
  5. Thanks for all your help everybody. I uninstalled and re-installed winzip and it extracted O.K. to all the necessary directories. It's installed but now I have what seems to be a common Zend problem. Going to the directory I receive this error Fatal error: Unable to read 4310 bytes in /home/antiick1/public_html/test/index_enc_zend.php on line 0 I ran the compat file and it sys zend is installed. Results : CubeCart 4 Requirements Test Not AvailableIoncube Loader: InstalledZend Optimizer: Version 2.0.34GD Image Library: 5.2.6PHP ≥ 5.2.0: 5.0.45MySQL ≥ 4.1.0: Congratulations. Your server is compatible with CubeCart v4 Other Information InstalledcURL: Installedmcrypt: OffSafe Mode: I'm hosted on hostmonster.com, have read the threads dealing with zend and ioncube but can't understand them. Anyone help please. Thanks David Forgot to mention that there is an ioncube directory in the installation but the only file in it is index.htm. David
  6. I've unzipped the file to my drive prior to installing but just have a huge list of files, no directories. I think there might be a prob with winzip so I'm going to re-install it and try again. The readme file is very difficult to read, it's full of weird characters and is just one big long line, no line breaks or anything but I'm wading through that to make it better. Thanks
  7. I've downloaded the trial version and the zip file doesn't have any directories in it at all, just a long list of files. The compat file says everything is O.K. but when I follow the install instructions and try to go to the directory where the files are it returns "Access Denied". The instructions refer to setting correct permissions on folders but there are no folders. Any ideas what's wrong please.
  8. This refers to my earlier posting about my host disabling fopen. I have spent the whole weekend researching and trying to fix the problem without results. My knowledge of php and curl is zero and fixes I've found and applied to cubecart didn't work. What became apparent though is that my host, ipower.com is not the only one to disable fopen without any warning. I found at least 2 other hosting companies that have done this and the end result is that Cubecart will not work. In my case a threat of legal action against them for loss of income induced them to enable fopen on my site, however, this whole saga has led to a shop downtime of 3 days so far. They said they would enable it within 24 - 48 hours as of today Sunday 12/16. Maybe the authors need to address this problem with some urgency. If this happens to you, which I sincerely hope it doesn't, then I hope you get a little more support from this forum than I have had. The only reply to my posting was "change hosts" which doesn't resolve what was an urgent problem for me. Should any need them I have several links about replacing fopen with curl, you might be able to understand them better than I did. Just email me and I'll send them to you [email protected].
  9. I will but when you're losing all your business you need a quick solution. If one host can be stupid enough to do this without any notification then I have to make sure it's not going to happen again.
  10. My hosting company has decided to turn off fopen which has caused my shop to stop functioning. They say that it can be replaced with a curl option but I don't know anything about it. Can anyone help with fixing this problem please, it is urgent and I'm willing to pay for help. Thanks David
  11. Just noticed I put this in the wrong section, it should be in Version 3
  12. My host server company has decided to disable the fopen function in php scripts. As a result my shop won't function. They say it can be replaced with curl functions but I've no idea what they are talking about. Can anyone please help, I'm willing to pay for the service. Thanks David
  13. Any ideas or help as to what this means please MySQL Error Occured 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) I've run the upgrade.php file after changing ENGINE=MyISAM to TYPE=MyISAM (earler post) and then get this error I also get the same eror when trying to go to the aqdmin page.
  14. Can anyone help me understand this please. I'm not very "up" with php. I've installed cubecart on a godaddy server and one of the authorize.net returns the following error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mhash() in /home/content/d/j/f/djfitch/html/store/modules/gateway/Authorize/transfer.inc.php on line 125 when I try to test it. I installed the authorize fix posted yesterday and now when I get to the payment page and click go after filling in card details it freezees the site and then eventually I get a blank page come up. If anyone could explain what to do with all these scripts that are talked about above I'd be really grateful. I've only just purchased the hosting and ssl certificate so don't really want to change hosting. David
  15. I get this error when I try to pay by credit card (test mode) Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mhash() in /home/content/d/j/f/djfitch/html/store/modules/gateway/Authorize/transfer.inc.php on line 125 I've tested cubecart on a different site and everything worked fine, now I've installed it on a godaddy server (with php) and the only thing not working is the authorize.net payment gateway. Any help would be appreciated Thanks David
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