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  1. Thanks for your reply Pete. I did manage to get it sorted and forgot about updating the thread. I was trying to use shared SSL and after some lengthy chats with my host it was found that the shared ssl was mixed with a proxy and didn't handle the characters very well, I purchased a dedicated SSL and it works perfect now.
  2. More than likely the setting for ssl is wrong, can you show what setting you put in there?
  3. Ausy

    need some help

    There some info in this thread. http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....amp;hl=shipping
  4. Hi Guys, today I managed to configure SSL for my store. After I enabled it my currency symbols have gone very strange. I did run into a similar problem before when I changed host. There was a small square in front of the amount but I changed it easily in the Admin, currency section. This time after enabling of SSL it had the little squares again, I changed them through Admin but now they are even worse with a A thing in front of my £ sign. It apears to be fine when in the basket and at checkout. Any ideas whats wrong and where I can look? url is www.acemodel.co.uk
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