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  1. The fix works but if you still have some images showing the error message you have to manually change permissions on those thumbnails. Have you done that or is it still happening with products added after the fix was applied?
  2. This is the correct tool and should work. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/149/38/cubecart-v4_config_tool_10zip
  3. I put it in the bug tracker but Ill open a ticket myself tomorrow as I need a fix for both my shops. I will let you know what the outcome is if they will tell me.
  4. Hi, Yes there seems to be a problem with the latest version 4.4.7 after upgrade. The software is for some reason cmod the thumb to 1363 (at least on my server) making it unreadable. I found I was unable to change permission on this file using a normal ftp client. The only way I found to change permission correctly is through cpanel - legacy file manager, and change the permission on the thumb to 644. Then the error will go and the thumb will display. If you don't have access to cpanel ask your host to fix it.
  5. Easiest way I can think of is to create a site doc, call it gallery and embed a picassa /Flikr web album onto it. You would have to update the photos through picassa/flikr
  6. Indeed it is broken in IE9. I had not noticed that and thanks for the fix.
  7. Its not quiet the same error, try and upload the file "index_enc_zend.php" again in binary mode as it appears corrupted. What ftp client are you using?
  8. Do you have a URL for your store so we can see?
  9. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/43/15/ive-ordered-the-full-version-of-cubecart-but-it-says-my-key-has-expired
  10. Re upload the index_enc_zend.php and index_enc_ion.php files in binary mode with yout ftp client.
  11. The file changes are in this post. http://forums.cubeca...t-444-released/ You can use a program called winmerge to check and amend differences http://winmerge.org/
  12. Your store seems to work fine for me, are customer reporting this issue or is it a problem you are having. What browsers are they using?
  13. Download CubeCart4, then follow the instructions in the readme file contained in the package. Make sure you back up your database and files before you try and upgrade. Any mods you have will not work on the new installation and if your skin is not standard that will also require upgrading seperately.
  14. Hi, check you have used the correct database user password and if this user has full database permissions.
  15. I presume you backed up your database and files before the upgrade attempt. You should just have followed the instructions in the read me text file contained in the CC4 download. Can you start again?
  16. I just change the files in the changed files report and forget the rest, its no big deal really.
  17. Are you using the root password or have you created a new user for the database, if you did the latter have you granted full permissions?
  18. Have you checked the correct username, most times it should be entered like so "yourdatabasename_user"
  19. Google checkout is a problem, there is a mod available if you Google the following "CC4 Google Checkout gateway"
  20. Ausy

    MySQL Error

    If you dont have any mods you may as well carry out a new installation.
  21. Ausy

    MySQL Error

    All your product and data is stored in your old database, do you have access to that? If not then you have lost everything and will need to start again.
  22. Ausy

    MySQL Error

    Yes the software installs or updates the database when you first install or upgrade. If you check through php myadmin you should have a table called CubeCart_config. Did you import your old database correctly?
  23. Contact support and they will enable your licence to run on localhost too.
  24. It works fine for me using IE8 and Google Chrome. Ask customers complaining to clear cookies and browser cache and try again.
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