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  1. Do you need to use smtp, why not use mail()
  2. I beleive that even if you install it locally it will expire, best thing to do is open a sales ticket and check. Tell them what you are doing and I am sure they will help if you need an few days extention. I think they also need to add localhost to your licence key.
  3. It displays ok for me in IE8 too.
  4. I would think you need to run the database upgrade from the latest version.
  5. Have you run the compat test to make sure you are using php5?
  6. Should be able to change these in the Languages/en/lang.inc file.
  7. You dont need the API credentials, you need the following. The username that set up Payment pro (either the main username or one for an additional user). The password used to set up the Payment Pro account (or the password for the additional user) The merchant ID The Partner which is PayPalUK
  8. I think you need to set up the Website Payments Pro (PayFlow edition) for UK, thats how mine is set up.
  9. Your site seems to be working fine for me, no image problems anywhere. Have you tried a different browser and cleared the cache from the browser your using?
  10. You have tried rebuilding the thumbnails through admin I presume? Can you give us a URL so we can take a look.
  11. You can install V4 immediately by going to the downloads section of the main site. http://www.cubecart.com/ There is a knowledge base with all the common questions, its most important that your server can support CubeCart fully, so checking this before attemting the install is essential. Install instruction can be found in the read me file contained in the files package.
  12. Information about PayPal gateways are in the release post here. http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=38533
  13. Use a good program to resize images on your pc before upload, then select don't resize when you upload them.
  14. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...78&nav=0,17
  15. Can you give us the exact error message.
  16. So annoying, why not give the info on the fix so it can be shared in the community. I suppose I will have to file a bug report instead unless someone here can decipher what you quoted in your post.
  17. Please let me know if they give you the solution, I would really apreciate it.
  18. When I went in to edit the table, instead of the £ and € sign it showed &pound and € so I just changed them to the correct symbol and hit Go. I have two stores with this problem now, both with different databases and it happend after the upgrade.
  19. I seem to be getting the problem with £ and Euro signs too after the upgrade to version 4.3.2, something has changes somewhere with the database. I fixed mine temporarily through phpmyadmin and edited the cubecart_currencies table directly but its not ideal. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. I use a couple of these excellent mods, google this "Essential Admin Utility Pack for CubeCart 4"
  21. Ausy

    Gift Certificate

    Are you using the latest version of CubeCart, have you any mods or altered any core files?
  22. You should use SSL if you are displaying this information, in fact you may be breaking any agreement with your card processing company, I would check this and try and find the solution.
  23. Mods are not supported here, contact the seller of the mod for support.
  24. Ausy

    Gift Certificate

    Is there any message displayed when trying to use the certificate?
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