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  1. Google "Google Analytics for CC4" and you will see and excellent free mod for it.
  2. Ausy

    HOSTING options

    Cheap hosting = bad idea, specially for an ecommerce website.
  3. The site is working fine for me using IE8 and the latest Firefox. You have a few errors on the webpage but this is probably due to the skin you are using.
  4. I would open a support ticket and let the developers take a look as they don't visit the forums that often.
  5. Ausy

    CC4 Hacked

    I think if you did the patch you linked to, then no need to do the previous sessions patch, I was just checking that you had done the latest one.
  6. Ausy

    CC4 Hacked

    Which of the session fixes have you implemented, have you made all the security updates recently released?
  7. Google "Replace Price with Text CC4" That will find you a mod for it.
  8. Its here http://www.cubecartforums.org/docs/index.php?id=187
  9. This forum is really to discuss the core Cubecart software and the other forum is the place to go for modifications, third party skins and so on. It will not affect functionality or security where you place the files, if the Cubecart store is the main website for the domain its better in the public_html folder as your hosting provider has advised. As long as you use a strong password and change it frequently the admin page is quiet safe where it is.
  10. http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=39911
  11. Ausy

    Upgrade to 4.3.7

    Doesn't seem to be a compare file and I think thats the only file change but probably they should have mentioned to change the version number in ini.inc.php for those that only make file changes when upgrading. I think you know where to change that Roger but for those that don't, find $ini['ver'] = '4.3.6'; change to $ini['ver'] = '4.3.7';
  12. You still have a problem somewhere because on some pages the url is incorrect? Something causing the path to be wrong. In IE8 I get this page ="http://www.gecleant.de/shop/index.php/stopfen/design/index.php//shop/Stopfen/Design/vDUB/p_43.html?notice=1"http://www.gecleant.de/shop/index.php/stop...3.html?notice=1 In Google Crome another page ="http://www.gecleant.de/shop/index.php//shop/Stopfen/Schwarz/Schwarz/p_3.html"http://www.gecleant.de/shop/index.php//sho...chwarz/p_3.html
  13. $glob['rootRel'] = '/shop/'; $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.gecleant.de/shop' These settings look correct, turn off seo and clear cache, check to see if it works ok. If it does, delete the htaccess file, enable seo again and re-create the htaccess file.
  14. The path is wrong in the url, you have two // after index.php and there should be one. Check your configuration in admin.
  15. I would stick with Payflo and upgrading your store will likely fix a lot of issues.
  16. Its working ok for me, clear your browser cache.
  17. Good spot Roger, I think if your store is working fine then no need to worry about the ION and ZEND files but it should do no harm if you want to use the latest files.
  18. Ausy

    Shipping: n/a

    Its not set up correctly. The shipping rate should be set using a weight figure and a price, it should look like this. 0.100:1.14,0.250:1.45 and so on.. 0.100 is 100g and the cost is £1.14, these are sample values and you can make your own price.
  19. If you get stuck and cant get intp admin there is a tool to help you turn off SSL untill you ebable the correct settings. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...70&nav=0,17
  20. You cannot do it through Admin, you will have to manually change the actual files on the server. Make sure you are confident enough to do this and always back them up first. Is there something specific you want to do with the invoice?
  21. What version of PHP is on the server?
  22. No its not possible without a mod, there is one available at http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?
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