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  1. Thank you... Yes - first time poster - have been using CC for ages for clients and have been able to usually solve any minor problems... But this one - had me stumped!!! Keep up the good work!!
  2. Thanks Heaps. I now have a "Category" tab!! FYI - "Translation" tab only viewable when editing, not adding. For the benefit of all... admin/sources/products.index.inc.php // Add content tabs $GLOBALS['main']->addTabControl($lang['catalogue']['title_pricing'], 'pricing'); $GLOBALS['main']->addTabControl($lang['settings']['title_categories'], 'category'); $GLOBALS['main']->addTabControl($lang['catalogue']['title_options'], 'Options'); $GLOBALS['main']->addTabControl($lang['settings']['title_images'], 'image'); $GLOBALS['main']->addTabControl($lang['catalogue']['title_digital'], 'digital');
  3. Google Category is visible - its a drop down under General >> Miscellaneous
  4. Hi Team I did my best to search for this information, first thinking that this Tab may have been removed as part of the update, but... Then I thought, "Why would it? Its needed..." Anyway, straight forward problem is that the "Category" Tab is missing from both "Edit a Product" function and "Add a Product" Function. I could add a Product to a Category to via "Assign to Category" - but a very roundabout way of doing it.... Screenshot attached. Regards Gary
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