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  1. Hi - seems to be working now. Thank-you very much.
  2. Hi Thanks for that - Al is on the case and he's mentioned he's looking at cookies.
  3. http://www.assured-medical.co.uk Thanks for your help.
  4. To add to the above Fx and Chrome seem to be fine, but not IE 9 nor mobile devices.
  5. Personally I can't get things to stay in the basket with my Ipad (IOS 7 *) nor my phone - HTC. Firefox 25 / Windows 7 works fine. I've had three emails from customers reporting this, plus a few friends that I've had try too. The latter have tried using IE9 I'm not sure as to your policies on posting links to websites, so I've refrained from posting my site's address just yet. EDIT: * That's using the desktop site as the link to the mobile site doesn't change anything.
  6. Hi all I've had customers reporting that they have their basket emptied everytime they try to check out or browse to another product. This doesn't occur to me using my Desktop (Firefox 25) but does on the ipad. The CC version is the latest, and this issue seems to have appeared upon installing that, although I had noticed sales were somewhat lower. Obviously this is very serious, so I'd appreciate any help that can be offered - thanks.
  7. A number of my customers have this issue still despite the above 'fix'
  8. Hi all I couldn't find anything that directly related to my problem here, so hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. I'd like to modify the admin pending email so that it lists a summary of the customer's order - just like the customer's own email that they receive. The rather embarrassing reason for needing to do this is that I accidentally deleted a customer order and had the mortifying task of asking them to tell me what they ordered Anyway, I thought that if the admin pending order listed a summary then I'd always have a backup just in case. Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help. Steven. EDIT: oh, and if it's not being too cheeky can I ask how to disable the 'order cancelled' emails too?
  9. Hi I've recently resurrected an old business and am now using CubeCart. http://www.ethnic-emporium.co.uk/ I'd be grateful if people could take a look. All feedback welcome. Thanks!
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