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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies if this question is quite general, but I'm still new to Cube Cart. I'm trying implement a custom nav mega menu into my new store site, I've finished most of the CSS/JS stuff, but I'm not quite sure about what syntax I need to use now to link it all together with Cube Carts categories. I've put the menu up on this domain to test it - http://101share.co.uk/ - at the moment it's just HTML to give an idea of what it might look like and not hooked up to the CC categories. It would be amazing if anyone could help me out here, I'm a bit confused about how to integrate it correctly or if I'll just need to write something me self to do so. Thanks in advance
  2. I have a client that is thinking about using Wix.com for his e-commerce site. I am trying to get him to use Cubecart, as it will do the job for him. Can anyone recommend a way to replicate a template like this one -> http://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1028?originUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wix.com%2Fwebsite%2Ftemplates%2Fhtml%2Fonline-shop%2Fpets-supplies%2F1&bookName=create-master-new&galleryDocIndex=0
  3. I would like the search box to give customers the ability to do an advanced search as soon as they enter the Category of their choice. I am only concerned with the options of Part Number and Manufacturer search for them within each Category. If this is possible, can someone please help me achieve this??? Thanks in advance for all who can help.
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