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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm running one stores with two payment gateways, Paypal and Print Order Form. How can I add a percent discount (-3% to basket) by selecting print order form? I've tried to add the discount like this (in /modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/gateway.class.php) $transData['amount'] = $order_summary['total']*0.97; But it didn't help. Where should I add the percent discount? Regards, Atomreaktor
  2. After upgrading to CC5 from CC3, we are looking for a mod that has the same functionality as Estelle's Quantity Discounts by Category. Basically it allows the first product ordered at full price and then discount prices on items 2+. So for our realestate products, they get a listing for $199. But it they order 2 or more, the first is still $199 but additonal ones are $149. Any mods out there for this? Thanks. Mike
  3. So i just upgraded to CC5.1.4, using skin "Mauris" I have a particular product that i sell for $0.75 for 1, i tried to setup the quantity discount so if the customer buys 100+ the price changes to $0.60 what happens, is that it changes the price to $.60 once the quantity goes over 50+! If i change the option to 200+ then the cart changes the price once it goes over 100+ One particular thing I've noticed, is that when i Delete the Quantity/Price discount option, a window pops up, all it says it "Undefined" with either "ok" or "Cancel" now that i think about it, i've never hit "Cancel" ... either way, it Deletes the option, and the option shows up and deletes from the products page correctly, but the 'math' is off i guess, it gives the discount with too little of a quantity. I couldn't find anything in this forum about it, or anyone else having the same problem
  4. I've recently upgraded to Version 5 and the site was previously set to apply a discount when 30 or more items were ordered. I can see where discount can be added if 30 of the same item are ordered but not if 30 different items we ordered. I look forward to receiving your advice.
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