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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there Really like the CubeCart but there is just one thing that is annoying me. I dont like the .html extensions so managed to set this to null in the seo class file and that worked fine, updated the .htaccess to work with this and all is working well. When I redesign a website I always use 301 redirects to point to the new path, such as: redirect 301 /old-prod.html /new-product This keeps Google and the customer happy with page ranks etc. Well not always but certainly helps. But some paths are not working and just redirecting to index.php, what I want to do is disable the following: (I don't mind modifying PHP that is not an issue for me) Redirect to index.php on 404, I want to use my own 404 page if possibleThe use of http://www.example.com/index.php why not just http://www.example.com instead? I am would prefer to take control and make my own 404 page, so that I can capture all backlinks that are not valid and then update the .htaccess file accordingly. Also I want the site to be fully HTTPS, however using the inbuilt functions causes redirect loops, again I just want to take control of this and use something along the lines of: RewriteCond %{HTTPS} offRewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} But even with "Force SSL mode on all pages" and "Enable SSL" set to "No" it seems to still keep causing me issues with a redirect loop. Has anyone modified cubecart to take complete control over the redirecting of pages? Of course I need the SEO path to work still, but I would prefer to fully manage the redirects if that is possible. Thanks in advance for any advice and keep up the great work on CubeCart. I am using the latest version of CubeCart v5 for information.
  2. I have upgraded from version 4 to 5.1.5. Every seo friendly category url has changed. Cubecart support say that this is intentional and provides more friendly seo urls. What they cant answer is my concern about my old seo urls which I spent hours building back links to and which have a PR . e.g. the old url is www.mydomain.com/category/cat_9.html the new url is www.mydomain.com/category.html Cubecart support say "The two urls (old and new) both include the proper rel="canonical" reference in the meta tags so that all search engines will properly update their listings and NOT penalize you for duplicate content." My question is - (OKay this is fair enough for duplicate content - but what about PR and backlinks???) I then asked cubecart support the following question "Why are all the new urls shown as not being indexed by Google instead of showing the PR of the old url" . Surely the canonical reference is instant. It certainly is when you use it for www. and non-www. Their reply is "Google doesn't update instantly. Unless you are a huge system like twitter. With time your links will all update correctly." I need to know whether this is true or not. I thought a canonical reference was instant and had nothing to do with indexing from Google. Can anyone please advise on this matter as I need to know that my old seo friendly urls will be preserved along with their PR and backlinks.
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