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hello everyone :whistle:

im currently running a fresh install of cubecart version 3.0.2 and would like to put the 'most popular', 'sale items', and 'featured products' boxes into the main content part of the site. Where they would only be seen on the index.php file. just like the 'Latest Products'.

the more I tool around with the template system, im begining to believe that this may not be a simple design issue but rather a scripting issue. because my goal is design oriented i posted this here. I have no problems editing the html, css, atributes what so ever, and can change the locations of boxes and such very easily, thank you for making that SO easy for us general users. its great.

So, can this be done without major scripting, or must I create a full blown 'mod' for this functionality? your opinions, suggestion?

lastly i'd like to say thanks for such an awesome shopping cart script iv been looking around for awhile now and have found no real competitor to cubecart for many reasons.

thanks for your time.


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thank you for your reply evilhomer.

yes, just like Latest Products. including product images, product name, etc. for an example, for 'sale Items' id like img, name, plus the price saved.

im going to be snooping around in the files tpl and php again tonight. what im thinking is to copy the code both php and html in the respective files for Latest Products, (i think those are in index.inc.php, and both index.tpl files and others perhaps, ill be looking...) and change the defined var names for saleItems for testing. ill have to investigate all the pointers, and defined vars so that im using the correct names. i hope this will work. (please forgive my poor php lingo) ...i will be backing up first lol.

do you think im on the right track?

im outa here to give it a try regardless, if nothing else maybe ill learn something :w00t: if i do make any progress ill share my finding.



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I am interested in this too. How do I show the "Most Popular" and "Featured" products on my CC main page and have it look like the "Latest Products" does (complete with image, price and title)?

it would be nice if this were int he admin control panel like the "Latest Products" is with an on/off switch.

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Did anyone figure this out? I'd love to be able to move some boxes to the center column and have them look like the Latest Products box, but with the title like the left and right columns . . .


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