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mis-aligned graphics in doc editor


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The doc editor really sucks. It flat out frustrates attempts to manage layout. The code it creates is fillled with errors. I went nuts trying to set the cells uniformly so each had all the same characteristics regarding alignment.

See: http://www.vikolya.com/store/

In order top get these image placeholders to align, I had to create the layout in an HTML editor and paste it into the CC doc editor.

Isn't there something better - something that works?

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Guest vrakas


you can disable the editor if you don't like it

I tryed it and it doesnt realy work for 3.03 and .04

There are alterations to be done as some lines have changed.


I have a few problems with FCK so please be patient as there is something cooking just as we are posting :)

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Guest sunshine

I like the editor. And maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought someone said before that the site docs should be done with html then inserted?!?! Anyway, I was writing my docs on the computer.

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