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CubeCart vs. X-Cart


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Gentlemen, I need a little help:

I have been looking at Shopping Carts for a while, even set up a few for testing, but none have a feature I need: "Member / Non-Member" pricing; i.e. although both prices are shown for each product, an initial question (does not need validating for now) as to status will use one price or the other for the session. I also use manual credit card processing. In testing CubeCart, I found a possible method using the Sale Price.

I liked X-Cart and have gotten a quick pre-sales response, they have many mods in-house and it seems they will accommodate. That is until I ran across CC and began testing. The presentation is excellent, there is a "lightness" to it, seems to run well! My congratulations to the Author.

The question is whether to go with X-Cart, a commercial venture that seems to have excellent support, or CC and have some modifications done for manual processing, multiple prices, etc. My fear is that the mod authors will not be available for support when the need arises or CC is updated (is this a valid fear?) Also have no idea what these mods cost - would like some order-of-magnitude figures.

I currently use a cgi script as an order form, email the order to me, retrieving it via SSL. One of my current sites is http://www.bellanca-championclub.com/GiftShop.html. As you can see, the increasing number of items makes this very clumsy now.

Please chime in, as any opinions are gratefully accepted.

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The answer from me would be use cubecart you can use Goobers Mod for Group pricing that will acctualy allow you to set as many prices as you wish and not just two this can be found at http://www.alexgoldberg.com/cubemods/index...od&productId=12

There have been many manual processing mods but im sure if you have specific needs most mod writers will do this for you...

as for support you will get excelent support as a licence key holder from brooky and pre-sales support as a non licence holder you will also find that excelent support is given where we can by the dedicated users of this board.

Its only my opinion and i may be a bit biast as im a major CC suporter But i have only been using the software since November and i now set ALL my e-commerse clients up with this script and offer it included in my hosting packages... Im sure over the next few hours/days you will hear MANY more people telling you very simular stories...

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XCart is a fine piece of software but pricey as are the addons that you will eventually come to need. The interfaces are similar but Cube Cart is free to use (of course buying a license is preferred to help development) and the support is...well...fanatic is a word that comes to mind.

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Thank you all for your responses.

gwizard, I have looked at your website and the manual payment mod. Does it keep the name of the shipping address county (not country); New York State is the only one we have to collect sales tax, but we have almost 100 counties, all with different rates.

We also have to collect sales tax on shipping charges and I noticed CubeCart does not do that. Is this outside of your mod?

BTW, X-Cart comes in several languages including English.

Still testing and may have more questions later, but I wanted to acknowledge your help at this point.



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Guest gwizard


Manual Credit mod has nothing to do with County or address for that matter.

Customer address details are collected during registration and order is created BEFORE you even get to payment gateway. This is the way CC works, not my design.

Now, my mod only collects Credit Info and updates the DB with it.

It doesn't change anything else, like shipping or prices.

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Guest rlynch027

that's the only thing i hate about CC, everyone want's to charge for mods

you're taking a program that is offered free, and charge for it. come on

yea i understand you should be compensated for your programming time, but still. you think we all have cash flowing from our pockets, and most are Just Starting this ecommerce stuff to TRY and get the money flowing. We see these things that force us to put more money into it, and it just turns us off to the whole product in general.

probably not worth much, but i just wanted to put in my thoughts

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Guest gwizard

First, CubeCart is NOT free.

Second, let's take a reasonable scenario:

You sell jewelry that it's avg price is 12$ when your cost is 6$.

Well, according to Mr. Calculator, you will return the cost of one time 20$ investment in 4 sales.

Think of it as investment, same as hosting, electricity, phone and rent bills if you run a brick and mortar store.

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It takes money to make money. If you're serious about doing anything in life, you must put something into it. For me, that's programming time, since that's what I do. For others it's graphic design. For others, they pay a small amount to get the store they want.

You don't start off in E-Commerce with zero money and hope to make money. MOST stores that do that have failed. You have to pay for hosting, for product, for software, etc., etc., etc.

Bottom line, there's no such thing as a free lunch.


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Guest Sharpshot

Damn Straight,

The modders spend alot of time making these cool mods for people, if anything we should be happy to pay them.

I have some major Mod ideas, I have emailed brooky, he liked the idea although he hasnt had any other requests about it, so its not likely to be made.

I'd like the mod to be made so I could have resale rights or something, And willing to pay for it to be made.

Contact me.

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Guest hennaboy

I bought both CC and Xcart..... i went with CC.... setup wise its quicker..... styling and modifying easier......additional mods.... either free or at a reasonable price.... xcart seems to be a bottomless pit for paying for mods at expensive rates.

Bearing in mind i also have tried OSC - bad bad bad idea. Simple very simple scripts like PHPSHOP - quite good but needed more functionality and VPASP which has good functions but for every upgrade the price is almost as much as the original costs...

For me CubeCart was the best choice on the market and to be quite honest my sales have increased to the point where im looking at a record year online :)

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