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Guest Killer Nemo

Curl 28 and Curl 7 error w/ Godaddy and Paypal

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Guest Killer Nemo


I get errors When I try to checkout PayPal Direct it says, "Sorry, order failed."

Debugg ntoes:

[error] curl_exec error 28 connect() timed out!

With PayPal Express:

[error] curl_exec error 7

What i've done.

1. Made sure cURL is installed with PHP.

checked mySQL is compiled for PHP

2. Hard coded the https proxy into Http.php at

($ch, CURLOPT_PROXY, '');

That didnt work.

then saw another thread to do it in func_https_libcurl.php. This didnt work.

Also made sure that that was the corect https proxy port.

3. Called Godaddy. Which doesnt seem to know anything about scripting.

4. tried to change the time out in Http.php var $timeout = 30; to a higher number.

i.e. the thought that it kept timing out to soon.

Does any one know any other things i didnt check. Any help will be appreciated.


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