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"Notes" in shipping, affiliates and gateway module


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Hello all, still testing cubecart, great so far!

Used fantastico to install then upgraded to latest version [3.0.11] manually.

In first install I didn't get the following so was just wondering what it was...

In the modules: Shipping, Gateways, and Affiliates, I have what looks like an extraentry called "notes".

Clicking on the "configure" goes to a blank page.

Anyone know what it is?




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In case anyone else finds this and wonders, it's simple, if using dreamweaver it places a folder called "_notes" in every folder to keep site notes in. If you don't need it just delete it. Setting dreamweaver to not use notes doesn't seem to stop it placing the folders though, so when you edit something in the shipping foldr again it may well stick another notes folder in there. Just delete it, or ignor it in the admin section.

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