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Basket empty is NOT because cookies are off


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With all due respect, locking that thread isn't going to solve the problem or make it magically go away. And it prevents anyone who may have found a solution from posting it where we would find it.

It is NOT because cookies are turned off in the user's browser. In fact, it has NEVER been the case in the many dozens of customer complaints I have had over multiple stores. And it has occurred from the first installation of version 3.0.6. when I switched from OS Commerce. I didn't have it before then, so I don't know if it did it previously.

The fact is that it is occurring with many, many stores so there is obviously some issue there. Yes, other stores use cookies but they don't have this problem. Is it possible that it is the WAY CC uses cookies that does this?

Please, let's be constructive here and try to figure out what is happening. Pretending it isn't there won't work. Locking a topic that is uncomfortable for you just alienates your customers. Please face this fact: The King really has no clothes! You can tell us the contrary until you are blue in the face, but reality will still be there.

I am opening 2 more stores this month, and, unfortunately, will be testing others this time. I would never consider using anything other than CC before that episode with your response and locking of an important thread, but I don't want to invest time and money with a company that reacts with denial and then punitive action towards its customers. I find that very disappointing.

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My bad. I should have mentioned, I DID submit a ticket about a year ago and got a "shrugged shoulders" kind of response. THAT is why the appeal is going out to the general user base. I actually just thought it was my problem and posted the workarounds on all my client's stores in a help document and left it at that until I started reading recently about all these others having the same issue.

With all due respect why you continue to ask those of us that don't know the answer to find an answer for you is beyond me.

Now that is confusing. Isn't this forum about asking for help from the user base? Did I miss a memo regarding only asking for help on things for which you are sure someone has an answer?

Because you don't have an answer means no one else might? It sounds like you are speaking for the entire user base. That is quite a large assumption. I don't see what the problem is with having a topic open where someone might have a solution to an issue the company doesn't wish to deal with at this time. It is beyond me why you are against carrying on a discussion about an unsolved issue because you don't have the issue or the answer. When I can't help on a topic that I read, or haven't experienced it myself, I move on. Hopefully, someone else will have something valuable to offer even though I don't.

From my perspective, if it is a problem for so many, no matter what the overall percentage might be (and I suspect your claim that 99% don't have this problem might be an optimistic and unsubstantiated statistic), then it should be considered a legitimate issue. It doesn't appear to be one of the common situations where someone has borked their store by modding or tweaking things. It happens with a clean install from scratch.

It is a shame that the reaction can't be constructive instead of so defensive. I love the store overall and realize nothing is perfect and never will be. However, I would much prefer a "We have no clue why this is happening but don't have the resources to chase it because we are up to our necks with 3.1, so please use a workaround." type answer than a complete and defensive denial that it exists. That's all. It just doesn't seem like a Brooky-type of approach from my earlier contacts with him on support issues. I'm sure they are over-worked and overwhelmed but I think that could have been handled better.

I will try to keep emotion out of it and resign myself to the fact that it is an issue that I have to live with for now as it is not on the priority list for CC.

One last thing this brings to mind, I do wish to thank those in the CC community who selflessly offer their knowledge and time to help others to succeed with their stores. It has been invaluable to me (and I know to countless others) and I am very grateful.

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