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POA MOD Help Needed

Guest viss

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Hi Guys,

Im having a huge issue with the POA mod if I enable it I get the message there is no shipping method set up for your country error. If enable fre shipping mod or another mod it seems to work fine. I really need to get this sorted out as my customers are getting upset as they cannot get a price for shipping, and since there is no suitable courier mod for australia the only option I have is the POA.

Someone please help urgently.

Cheers Viss

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You posted your thread at 8:46. It is evening and people have lives other than Cube Cart. It is now 10:45 and you are tired of waiting?

I know nothing about this mod but if it is a 3rd party mod, I suggest you contact the author.

Excuse me I posted it 9 days ago.

And I would if I knew who wrote the mod as there is no contact details in the readme.

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