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G2 ~ a work in progress ~ cube v2 powa ~


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Resumed work on the cubecart v2 store I maintain. Working on major improvements in time for the big 07 ;) new year new features why not

New features so far according to the letters in the image

a) Improved category listing system ~ When viewing top level categories, they will be displayed at the top of the menu & their sub categories will be displayed below them for easier & more visible access
B New Admin Control Panel ~ Once logged in with a customer account which has been specified as an admin, you'll be able to see this row.

Features of the admin control panel from left to right(according to the icons in the screenshot)

Category Move ~ Enter the ID of a new destination category in the text input box, then select products from the current category using the checkboxes to the left of the images (B2) & then click the move icon (right of the text box)

Edit Product ~ Select a product (via checkbox) & then click edit to be taken direct to the Admin panel to edit the product

Copy Codes ~ For whatever reason, select a set of products & then click copy to get a list of their product codes (comma separated)

Delete Products ~ Select as many products as you like on the current page & click delete to remove them

Refresh ~ Just for the hell of it, reload the current page

c & d New Customer Control Features to be used in conjunction with the "in stock Yes/no" addition to product listing. Allow the customer to view products in your store with TAX On or OFF & also to Show / Hide products which are out of stock!
e) Brand new login system with AJAX Javascript allowing login / logout WITHOUT having to reload or change the page. On successful login the login box will dissappear & be replaced by only the search box. On clicking logout, the login box will reappear (no page changes in between it all!)
fProduct sorting ~ allow your customers to decide whether they want to view the product list by Title / description / price in asc/desc order!

Aite so there you go theres what i've done in the past 3/4 days. Haven't had much sleep really at all cause once i start i can't stop. My back hurts a fair bit. Was awake till 5am yesterday working on the AJAX login.

Comments / opinions / questions appreciated. spent ages on it so am keen for feedback now!!!!!!!

k thanks bye

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You did a great job with CC2 :D

Are you planning on selling those mods?

Remember that the rules do not allow any CC related advert of mods, skins etc ;)

If you wish to advert please do so in .org forum :D

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Yeah man thanks. I probably could if anyone is interested. just drop me a pm. I'll make a post on .org later. & Yeah I forgot about the advertising thing ay. But yeah nah I'm mainly interested in getting feedback on what i've done to be honest. I'm pretty excited about using the admin tools myself lol thats why i made it

cubecart 4 life

ps: the image was a bit big I see. I reuploaded & pasted the thumbnail. Just click it to view the full size!

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