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Exporting product list to Excel

Guest Mystics

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Guest belliez


The easiest way is to upload phpMyAdmin to your webhost which will alow you access to your mySql databases on your domain.

Once you have it installed you can navigate to cubecart_inventory and click export. Select CSV from the options and repace the ; in the fields terminated by with a comma ,

Then export to a file.

Simply load into excel and you have your products to edit....

Uploading new products is a total different matter because you need to change a couple of other tables at the same time (cubecart_cat_idx and cubecart_category) which can be a pain and time consuming.

However there is a couple of mods if you search the forums here that will do the import for you.

Hope this helps.


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**A CubeCart.org Coder** has an excellent mod for exporting orders in all kinds of ways. I highly recommend it:

Edit: Direct links to mods or mod stores are not allowed. Link removed. -- Sir William

My apologies. Can I say, "Go to CubeCart.org and you will find some great mods and a particular one that does an exceptional job with Excel export functions from a coder who shall remain nameless"? :D

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Guest PorkChop

I also give this mod a Big- "Two Thumbs Up!"

The ability to add a product to multiple categories with ease is great.

The thing I like the best is the fact that you have a complete back-up of your categories and



You have spent hours adding your products and you lose your store because you were tinkering

around with it. "Sound familiar?"

And probably like me you didn't back-up your database.

With this mod, you just upload your category and product file again.

If you have 50 or 5000 products you will save time and like me a whole lot of cursing at


There are too many options to list here, so check it out. :D

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