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[proposal]: PDF order with batch payment

Guest cubpaola

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Guest cubpaola

Hi folks,

many small companies would like to transform their site into an ecommerce site but are not ready yet for receiving payments through paypal and friends. Usually they accept e-mail or fax orders only.

Acrobat Professional 7.0 now allow to create PDF form that can be filled and printed using Adobe Reader 8.

Before Adobe Professional 7.0, the only way to create fillable PDF forms was using the very expansive Adobe Document Server 6.0 which is now obsolete.

PDF forms can contain drop-down menu, radio buttons, buttons, text area etc.

Also, the user's input can be controlled through javascript, in fact Adobe Reader 8.0 contains a javascript execution engine.

PDF forms may also contain a special button which automatically encrypt the form and data and sends it as an e-mail to a specific address.



Add a PDF form payment gateway where the customer downloads the form, fills it and sends it.

If you guys like this proposal, I can help you in the developing of this idea.

In particular, I own a regualar Acrobat PDF Professional 7.0 license.


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