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Hi guys


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I know I come and I go. I was looking over the fourms and half the people posting i dont know... how lame is that.. anyways just stoped to say Hello...

and hey MODS i dont know if this is allowed so if it is not please remove this part of the post..

I have 3 webservers i am not using for anything and a T1 that is under used. if anyone in here has anytype of ideas on any thing these servers can be use for email or PM me.. They are good server i just dont want them to do to wast sitting there doing nothing.

e-mail whaggans " @ " Pacityonline.com

I do have a IRC server on the T1 but its not really used.. maybe a free cube cart chat service?? brooky it here if you want to use it FREE. just let me know.

Anyways hope to see ou all online some time and for the new guys i dont know...... I want to say hello

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