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Help with New PayPal Error


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Hi, this problem just started happening about a month ago, I wanted to know if someone could help.

A customer either starts a new account, or logs in.

Customer purchases an item.

Customer is sent to the PayPal Screen (using paypal, not cc)

Screen says you "Must review this order before it is final"

Customer hits "review"

Customer is sent back to the store (where they are told they must log in to view the page)

Customer is charged

Problem is this:

Many customers just wanted to "review" the order as the screen said, and didn't want to purchase after all, but are charged.

I'm suspecting that this may be something new with PayPal, since no one ever remembers getting that message on the paypal page (about reviewing).

Anyone have an answer?


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Yes, this is using PayPal pro IPN, and this happens when someone uses the "paypal" option to pay, not the credit card.

It's new, and it just started. On the paypal page they have a button that tells them to "review this payment" before completing the payment at our site - but when they click review, it automatically pays and takes them back to our site.

I'm waiting for an answer from PayPal as well - because no one's ever encountered this new screen before now.

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Here is the response I just got from PayPal:


This is actually caused by how the integration process was done. We give the ability for the integration to be done this way allowing a shorter payment process by doing two API calls in the second step. This is something you will want to contact cubecart about as it may be an account setting or something they have recently changed in their integration.


I am using 3.7 I don't really want to upgrade, since the store has so many mods - but I've patched.

Any ideas?

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