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IPN Failure - PayPal or Host to blame?

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I'm at the end of my tether with PayPal and my hosts blaming one another for IPN not working. I'm not hosted by GoDaddy, incidentally.

Here's my situation. I have IPN set-up as detailed in the pinned post. I've double-treble checked this.

I am getting the dreaded "order failed" message despite the transactions being processed by PayPal. The order is displayed as "pending" in my admin panel.

I checked with my host to ensure that fopen() was allowed - their response was that it is providing the relevant URLs are unblocked by their firewall. I gave them the list provided by PayPal support, along with the suggested IP addresses. My hosts inform me that the domain names (www.paypal.com, www.sandbox.paypal.com and the co.uk variants) were sufficient. PayPal tell me otherwise and suggest adding the IP addresses, which my host will not do! I don't really understand DNS resolving, etc, so not sure if they are correct in what they say?

My hosts have continually repeated that the page Paypal is attempting to call is publicly accessible and therefore there is no reason for it to be blocked. AIUI, the IPN callback runs a server-side script, so this doesn't sound right to me.

I do not have access to my access logs, but my host tells me that no attempt was made by PayPal for IPN. I have asked them to check their firewall, but their reply was that it was PayPal's problem - ask PayPal to check their logs!

There is nothing, nada, zilch in my error logs.. presumably because no errors have been generated?

The only way I can get a "successful order" is to switch off IPN and use standard and hope that any customers will hit the "return to merchant" button.

So at which point in the IPN diagram is the failure? I'm desperately trying to understand the IPN process and my problem (hence still being up at 4.50am with work in a few hours). :huh:

Other than switching hosts, can anyone suggest what I should do next? I will seriously consider switching hosts if I can't resolve this over the weekend.


Sleepless in Surrey

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Well please can you post the URL to your store to ensure standard CubeCart code for PayPal IPN doesnt work for you? If so, it seems to me host switching is the best choice. :D

Thanks for replying, convict.

As you say, switching hosts is my best option. I'm almost certain it's their firewall and if they are not prepared to look in their firewall logs to verify this, I'm given little choice. I've signed up with an alternative (one that I know is used by other cubecart users).

My (unfinished) store URL is www.buttonsnbadges.co.uk, which is still hosted on original servers.. at least until I've sorted the new hosting. Ironically, there is a delay on my current domain email and I'm still waiting for the new FTP details. :huh:


EDIT: I've now changed DNS tags and am waiting for them to propagate, so website may vanish overnight.

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Well your link above is pointing to an empty folder suppose DNS points to a new BLANK site.

Ooh, it must have switched over! :huh:

I can't seem to flush the cache on my mac and am still seeing the store.. the laptop on a different network is showing the directory page of new site. Hmph.

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Guest sitesmart

Hi i am having the same problem

Can you help me I am setting up my store and have setup the paypal ipn following instructions I found on this forum. I have followed the instructions and set it up correctly I think however when testing it I have found that it goes all the way threw the payment process but when it takes e back to my site it says:

Sorry, your order failed!

You can attempt to purchase your basket contents again below.

Does any one no why it would be doing this I have checked the ipn address to make sure it is the same as the one paypal has and it is. Any help would be grate.

Thanks Matthew - www.gm-cricket.co.uk/sale

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