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Trying to avoid, rather than cure, a technical problem

Guest billholt

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Guest billholt

Ths is basically a repost because I think I put it in the wrong area before.

Perhaps this is obvious, but not to me. I've looked through the on-line documentation, and scanned about thirty pages of web sites using cubecart, looking for an example, but with no success. What I want to do is allow customers to download codes, as many as they purchase, from a list I supply. These codes would allow them to register copies of my software. Downloading of my software would be from elsewhere.

From hard experience, I know that it's a good idea to actually witness that someone else has done something comparable, with a given product, before purchasing that product.

Are there any examples of this sort of thing that anyone could point me toward? Is this one of the things that cubecart is designed to do? I woulda sworn that I read somewhere that it is, but I can't find my way back to it.


Bill Holt

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