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"MySQL error occured" on main page

Guest charleyramm

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Guest charleyramm

My website is generating a MySQL error including some SQL code when accessing the front page (index.php). This website has been up and running for 6+ months and this seems to have happened without my making any changes.

If anybody can help me find the cause of this and get my website back online I would appreciate it very much. I will be researching old posts and googling, but in the mean time I would appreciate any help or advice.

cubecart version 3.0.14, php 4.4.4, mysql 4.1.21

The address is www.thewifishop.net

many thanks,


MySQL Error Occured

1030: Got error 134 from storage engine

QUERY = SELECT * FROM shop_CubeCart_sessions LEFT JOIN shop_CubeCart_customer ON shop_CubeCart_sessions.customer_id = shop_CubeCart_customer.customer_id WHERE sessId = '0a034a144e38b6d82ef906b6b0ce0a57'

Firefox generates a slightly different error to internet explorer. In both cases the long series of numbers changes on each refresh.

MySQL Error Occured

1030: Got error 127 from storage engine

QUERY = INSERT INTO shop_CubeCart_sessions (`location`, `sessId`, `timeStart`, `timeLast`, `customer_id`) VALUES ('http://thewifishop.net/index.php', '323f728fb621e27526b9343f3687cb54', '1181592319', '1181592319', 0)

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Guest charleyramm

The database table shop_CubeCart_sessions had 'crashed'. I repaired it from a mysql prompt like this:

repair table shop_CubeCart_sessions;

I found it by trying to export my database from phpmyadmin. There was a html error message at the end of the text after the values for the shop_CubeCart_search table. That is, the table before the one that was damaged.

Phpmyadmin generated the error

1016: Can't open file: 'shop_CubeCart_sessions.MYI'. (errno: 145)

when trying to view the table. A good guide to fixing this problem can be found at http://www.modwest.com/help/kb6-230.html

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