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Using Your V3 Skin On Your New V4 Store

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Ok I have documented and released a tutorial for everyone on how to upgrade your V3 skin.

This is a big project to undertake so I must stress BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP before you start.

I have broken it down into sections for you, and its based on the legen skin, however if you read the tutorials you should be able to apply the changes to any skin.

It can be found in the third party forums or by clicking the links below.


Changing the boxes files tutorial

Changing the global files tutorial

Changing the content files tutorial

Adding new folder Extra and files


Adding new folders and images


Adding and Changing your styleSheets

This post has been updated to include links to Doc Project

Link to Full post in Doc Project.

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Guest bodyslam.co.uk

I have some major problems with this upgrade...

It seems to have worked... esept for the "Express Registration" and the "Your Invoice Information" section... where it has removed the enter box... so there is no way to complete the registration or purchase.. (this may have something to do with the search box that suddenly appears in the content section (see images)...

The second thing that has gone wrong is the "Write review / comment" section... when you click on the link it just goes to "http://prod_write.html/?productId=32#write_review" leaving out our domain name...

The last thing that is wrong is the light box doesn't work... If you click on the icon image nothing happens...

Can anyone help??

Thanks Mike

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Guest Charles2005

What I would like to see is a better way to install skins, mods(modules), etc..

I think having to edit core files to get mods to work is a very bad idea. There needs to be a system in place where it is easy to install skins, mods, etc..

***>>> Gallery has a very good way of installing plugins(modules, themes, etc.) and it works very well and you don't even have to modify any core files at all!!! <<<***

I am still using CC3 and wanting to switch to CC4 but I am still not sure if I am going to or not.

I have read on the forums where the skins have changed quite a few times since CC4.0.0 release. Sure it might add a few things or fix a few things but that is still quite a lot of skin changing happening!!

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