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Guest ianleopard666

Moonlight Models (overhaul)

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Guest ianleopard666

ok, i thought i was finished last time, but then had a load of ideas to improve the site.

i added a second stripped down store for all modeling tips and tricks, the main object of this site is to allow customers to freely download any tutorials and also to submit there own. all code and files not being used have been stripped out in front end and admin area. use the tips & tricks link in the main store to see it.

ive also finished my review and testimonial mods so they have been added.

for anyone interested this is a list of the mods i can remember:

1. show/hide site docs

2. show/hide catagories

3. estelles javascript image preview

4. pure css rollovers

5. customer product reviews mod ( availiable free at cubecartforums.org)

6. contact us form with captcha (on main site)

7. added forum and styled it like store

8. homers slim skin (with a lot of tweaks to my preference)

9. estelles catagory descriptions mod

10. javascript bookmark

11. seo mod (installed on both sites)

12. autoviewer (flash slideshow for gallery page)

13. custom error pages built into cubecart

14. fix thumbs mod

15. recall admin product options filter

16. add to basket pop-up mod

17. added second site doc bar(they switch on cart page so only showing relavent info)

18. added stripped down cc3 for tips site ( only using index, viewcat and viewprod pages)

19. contact us with attachment mod ( on tips site)( availiable free at cubecartforums.org)

20. testimonials with store ratings mod ( availiable free at cubecartforums.org)

21. direct download mod (on tips site)

22. social bookmarks (on tips site)

there are probably a few more - but theres only so many you can remember.

i have fixed the cart pages now (that were out of alignment) and checked everything in ie6, ie7 and ff2 but if you notice anything please let me know.

i hope you like all the improvments


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