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"add To Basket" Mod For Viewcat Pages?


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Selecting multiple products is fairly tedious. For my application there are no product options so in most cases it isn't necessary to go to the viewProd pages. Many commerce sites allow you to Add to Basket from the category page. This is especially quick if you are familiar with the products.

Any ideas anyone?

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This is there by default, just click on the Buy Now button from the category pages :mellow:

Thanks, Stevie. I didn't explain it very well. The "Buy Now" button takes you away from the viewCat page and into the viewProd page. The user then has to enter the quantity and click "Add to Basket". This reloads the viewProd page so now the user has to hit the browser Back button or try and find where they were in the navigation menu.

I suppose what I want is that the viewCat page works like the cart (View Basket) page. Here the user can update quantities without leaving the page. Much quicker.

I'll play around some more and see what I come up with.

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hi there

there is a mod to do this over at .org

i'm not allowed to post a link but its there if you look for 'cubehelper'

hope this helps

regards john

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