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Cc4, Totally Customised Skin, Xhtml Strict Compliant

Guest asafisk

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Guest asafisk

This is my 3rd CubeCart project and my first v4 build. The client is very happy with it, which is the main thing but I'd appreciate other opinions.

I also figured it was worth sharing the link to demonstrate what's possible with this excellent piece of software. Long live CubeCart!


What I did:

* Completely re-coded skin templates by hand to XHTML strict standards compliance

* Added a JavaScript zoom feature to the product page

* Tweaked the product list sorting function

* Stripped any unused includes to increase page speeds

* Added mailList search and boxes to cart pages

* Added bespoke JavaScript validation to forms

* Added a global form submit function that does not require the form's name attribute

* Used a pure CSS layout, seperate print stylesheet

* Integrated and customised the Secure Hosting payment gateway pages

Big thanks to the folks at Devellion, the CC contributors, collaborators and of course to all the customers.

Comments and constructive criticism are very welcome.

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Guest degsey69

A great design which shows that the the true potential is always increasing with cubecart and amazing websites like this are appearing.

I can not say anything but praise for this website.


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