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"Add To Basket" Button

Guest lcools

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Guest lcools

It is not possible to add more than one item at a time using the "Add to Basket" button...There is a quantity box next to this button so I'm sure it is supposed to allow multiple additions.

I'm using 3.0.17 (but it didn't work in 3.0.11 either) ...and I've tried 3 different browsers..and I don't have any other known java issues.

Does anyone know what is wrong? I sell small items so I really depend on the purchase of multiple quantities. I'd rather not have to remove the quantity box.

Thanks for any help~


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Guest lcools

It seems to be because I moved the "add to basket" to be above the product image...so that customers do not have to scroll down every time they want to add a product. I'm baffled why it has that effect. I'd really like to keep the button at the top.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction~


Works fine for me on all 11 of my stores, so I would suggest you check your skin or other files. Has anything been customized?
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My guess would be you didn't move something you needed to or accidentally deleted something you shouldn't have. I'd start with a fresh copy of the default file and try editing it again.

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Guest lcools

You are right...thanks for the push. Looking at the 'add to basket" mod discussion in Cubecart.org, I got the idea that it was an unresolved issue or bug...but they were dealing with adding a button...I'm just moving it. Anyway, after a few tries, I got it in the right place and working properly

I've copied the page for anyone else who is interested.

Thanks again,


<!-- BEGIN: view_prod -->

<div class="boxContent">

<!-- BEGIN: prod_true -->

<strong>{LANG_DIR_LOC}</strong> {CURRENT_DIR}

<form action="{CURRENT_URL}" method="post" name="addtobasket" target="_self">

<!-- BEGIN: buy_btn -->

<div style="position: relative; text-align: right;">{LANG_QUAN}

<input name="quan" type="text" value="1" size="2" class="textbox" style="text-align:center;" />

<a href="java script:submitDoc('addtobasket');" class="txtButton">{BTN_ADDBASKET}</a>


<!-- END: buy_btn -->

<input type="hidden" name="add" value="{PRODUCT_ID}" />


<p class="txtContentTitle"><strong>{TXT_PRODTITLE}</strong></p>

<div style="text-align: center;"><img src="{IMG_SRC}" alt="{TXT_PRODTITLE}" border="0" title="{TXT_PRODTITLE}" /></div>

<!-- BEGIN: more_images -->

<div style="text-align: center;"><a href="java script:openPopUp('extra/prodImages.php?productId={PRODUCT_ID}', 'images', 548, 455, 0);" class="txtDefault">{LANG_MORE_IMAGES}</a></div>

<!-- END: more_images -->



<br />




<strong>{LANG_PRICE}</strong> {TXT_PRICE}

<span class="txtSale">{TXT_SALE_PRICE}</span>



<li class="bulletLrg"><a href="index.php?act=taf&amp;productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self" class="txtDefault">{LANG_TELLFRIEND}</a></li>


<!-- BEGIN: prod_opts -->

<br />


<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3">

<!-- BEGIN: repeat_options -->




<select name="productOptions[]">

<!-- BEGIN: repeat_values -->

<option value="{VAL_ASSIGN_ID}">


<!-- BEGIN: repeat_price -->


<!-- END: repeat_price -->


<!-- END: repeat_values -->




<!-- END: repeat_options -->


<!-- END: prod_opts -->

<br />

<strong>{LANG_PRODCODE}</strong> {TXT_PRODCODE}


{TXT_INSTOCK}<span class="txtOutOfStock"> {TXT_OUTOFSTOCK} </span>


<!-- END: prod_true -->

<!-- BEGIN: prod_false -->


<!-- END: prod_false -->


<!-- END: view_prod -->

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