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Hide prices NOT working

Guest robbuitenzorg@hotmail.com

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I have a trial key so i don't know if this has anything to do with it.

But i need the option to hide the price for guest users.

when i change the setting in the admin panel there is no change in the store frontend.

does anyone has the solution for my problem???? maybe it's something i missed or do wrong..... please help me because if i can't get it to work i won't buy a license for it...

It's an option i realy need.

Sorry for my english but i'm just a simple dutch guy... :wacko:

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Thanks for your reply but it wasn't my cache.....

I found it :wacko::blink:

It was a problem with the ioncube file. i don't know what the problem was but i installed zend and changed the settings in the global.inc file to ZEND and everything works fine now.

With the ioncube loader my admin panel was verry slow but thats also solved now.

So this topic can be closed.

Thaks for your reply :dizzy:

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Sorry but this is not encoder related. :wacko: Encoder is any code functionality independent.

If the admin session is detected the prices are shown regardless to your customer login status. In other words once you are logged in as an admin you'll see all prices regardless to your guest store front-end status.

It seems you were logged in as an admin first time and did not for second one.

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