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Guest NatalieCroweDesigns

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Guest NatalieCroweDesigns

Hey there,

I have just recently configured the Per Category shipping module. I had it set to work with a secondary shipping method but only jsut realised that the Per Category module is not even functioning.

I haven't been able to find any developer documentation on the module to work out what's the go and there is next to nothing available on this forum (that I could find) that covers this.

Here are a few screen shots at what I've done (see attachments).

per_cat_admin_config = Admin Interface after you go to Shipping Methods > Per Category> Configure

per_cat_category_config = The configuration for a chosen category (used throughout these screenshots)

per_cat_phpmyadmin_modules = PHPMyAdmin screen shot of the modules table. After disabling the free shipping and only leaving the Per category module enabled the system doesn't appear to have updated the "default" field..

per_cat_shopfront_view = Screen shot of the front shop, after adding two items from the configured category the shipping module displays $0.00 oppose to $4.00 shipment + $2 ($1 x 2 items) + $3 (Handling fee)

Any feedback would be beneficial, I am feeling rather lost at this point.

Oh and this module is the only shipping module I have enabled.

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