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v4.2.2 Help


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I've downloaded the trial version and the zip file doesn't have any directories in it at all, just a long list of files.

The compat file says everything is O.K. but when I follow the install instructions and try to go to the directory where the files are it returns "Access Denied".

The instructions refer to setting correct permissions on folders but there are no folders.

Any ideas what's wrong please.

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There should be a read me file in the package, instructions on how to install are there. When you say "go to the directory" can you explain a little better, have you actually installed the software onto your server?

I've unzipped the file to my drive prior to installing but just have a huge list of files, no directories. I think there might be a prob with winzip so I'm going to re-install it and try again.

The readme file is very difficult to read, it's full of weird characters and is just one big long line, no line breaks or anything but I'm wading through that to make it better.


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Guest karl800

Try download winrar from www.rarlabs.com,

Then when thats installed, just locate your cubecart install, then right click and 'extract to (filename)' .

This will extract your files to a directory of the name of the file, and extract or files to the proper folders.

Then you just need ftp the whole directory up using binary mode, and just rename the folder as appropiate.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for all your help everybody.

I uninstalled and re-installed winzip and it extracted O.K. to all the necessary directories.

It's installed but now I have what seems to be a common Zend problem. Going to the directory I receive this error

Fatal error: Unable to read 4310 bytes in /home/antiick1/public_html/test/index_enc_zend.php on line 0

I ran the compat file and it sys zend is installed.

Results :

CubeCart 4 Requirements Test

Not AvailableIoncube Loader:

InstalledZend Optimizer:

Version 2.0.34GD Image Library:

5.2.6PHP ≥ 5.2.0:

5.0.45MySQL ≥ 4.1.0:


Your server is compatible with CubeCart v4

Other Information



OffSafe Mode:

I'm hosted on hostmonster.com, have read the threads dealing with zend and ioncube but can't understand them. Anyone help please.



Forgot to mention that there is an ioncube directory in the installation but the only file in it is index.htm.


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Thanks Ausy

My FTP manager is supposed to automatically detect but it obviously doesn't. It lists php files to be loaded as ascii in the tools section, removed it from the list and re-uploaded the files and it works fine now.

Authors - It would be nice if the installation of CC4 was aimed at dummies as well as boffins. I've spent a lot of time on this and was on the point of giving up rather than persevering with a test run and purchase if all was O.K. Suggest that the readme.txt file is put in word format with a list of filenames that need to be uploaded in binary. I missed 2 of them. The .txt file is full of weird characters and has to be completely re-formatted with line/paragraph breaks and deletion of weird characters to make it readable.

Thanks everyone


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