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Buy Button directs to checkout

Guest m0d0

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Firstly i would like to apologise if this topic has been answered in other posts, I dont have time to search through all the posts as much as i would like too.

Secondly my problem

At the moment when a customer clicks on the BUY button, the item is added to there cart but the page is then redirected to more information about that product. I would like to modify that redirect so as well as adding a product to the cart it also directs them to the cart.

This code is in the vieeCat.tpl and reads as follows

<div align="right">

<input type="hidden" name="add" value="{PRODUCT_ID}" />

<input type="hidden" name="quan" value="1" />

<a href="java script:submitDoc('prod{PRODUCT_ID}');" target="_self" ><img src="/images/buy-button.png" alt="Click here to Buy" border="0" class="txtButton1"/></a></div>

I assuming that the java script:submitDoc('prod{PRODUCT_ID}'); is the function that add the item to the cart and then directs the website to the next page. Is it possible to modify this javascript to that it adds an item to the basket but then directs the page straight to their cart?

I thank you all in advance for you responses.


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