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Installation error


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Just downloaded and ftp'd 4.3.4. Ran compatabilty, all O.K.

Started insallation and cc didn't recognise mysql username or password. Went into mysql and verified that it was O.K. and then ran the www.mydomain.com/shop/ expecting to restart the installation and instead got his error:

Fatal error: Unable to read 4787 bytes in /home/socalpet/public_html/shop2/index_enc_zend.php on line 0

Deleted and replaced all the files in the root directory, same problem.

I was hoping that cc had improved from the original version 4 but this doesn't give me any confidence at all. The very 1st. version I upgraded over v3 and it promptly sent out emails to 35 of my customers telling them their order was cancelled. As a result I've waited for a more stable version but I see from the forums there are still many problems which makes paying for it a joke.

Has anybody installed and run 4.3.4 without any problems? I like v3 very much and would really like to go to v4 but I don't have enough expertise to work round what seems to be a lot of problems with it.


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Thanks for your reply and help.

I'm sure there are thousands of stores running successfully and as I stated CC3 has worked great for me.

What concerns me is that there appear to be a huge amount of problems reported in these forums with CC4.

It's a bit like Microsoft Windows, you buy it and then spend ages searching for problem resolutions or downloading upgrades to make it work.

For those of us who don't have any programming experience at all it becomes very disparaging when things like this happen.


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