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Wrong number of products shown in 'Shop by Category' box

Guest Davidlawuk

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Guest Davidlawuk

I've added a new category, then added four items. The 'Shop by category' box on the top left of the front page shows five items in this category.

Can anyone suggest why this is happening?



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Browse to the page in Admin, "Rebuild & Recount", use "Rebuild category product count".


I have the same problem. Since upgrading to 4.3 in the Admin Section - View Products - some categories show all the products no problem. some categories show no products at all (even though there are) and some show just a few of the products.

I have done 'Rebuild & Recount', cleared cache, re-opened in new browser, updated admin>sources>products>index.inc.php due to known bug - and still it is the same

Does anyone have any ideas

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Okay I just realised it is the second category that is not showing in Admin. I assume this meant to be like this? So if I have an item in a Master Category and I also add it to a second category, if I view products and chose a category it will not show items that this is their second category? Can anyone confirm that is correct.

Thanks in advance

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