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My attempt at a store with CubeCart - http://www.Bits4Vits.co.uk

Started trading on eBay four years ago, but got fed up of giving them nigh on 14% eBay and Paypal charges, so with the help of a couple of mates set this up, and have never looked back! :yeahhh: The CubeCart store has now been running a little over a year, can't fault it, or the customer service from the tech' guys!

Just looking for praise and constructive criticisms... anything you'd have done differently?

Any other hints and tips to running a succesful store?...

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Well I am not seeing your main logo, just a missing image.

Ah, yes, sorry... had a developer (Robsta - topbloke) loading v4.4.2 up for me, and installing some mods... so the logo did disappear for a while during the upgrade process...

All sorted now though! Thanks ;)

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Guest Ryanloop

Congratulations, your site very nice, very complete ... I'm looking for days for my Grand Vitara Snorkel and there I saw it on your site, maybe I become a client of yours ...


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