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"Email Customers" HTML version doesn't work

Guest cuber1

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Bill, Milos I have posted it to the ticket Al said all fixed, but that is not the case and I have told him that.

I also mentioned to him that I have a lot of mods installed and not to mess them up. (one of the mods related to emails was messed up)

I don't know whether I should restore from back up, wait for you to fix the problem or what.

I don't want to stretch this into another week or two. After Al said it is fixed I have tested it with two test users on two different computers and different browsers. So what is fixed ?


If anybody else had similar issue and can help I would appreciate it.

Here is the issue.

"Email Customers" HTML version doesn't work, only sends out txt.

When I try:

Sending test email and If the dot is next to HTML nothing comes even though the system does say, that email sent.

Sending test email and the dot next to TXT comes in without issues.

Sending test email and the dot is next to "Use Customers Preference " sends out only TXT even if the customers preferences are HTML.

I would appreciate some help here.

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Thank you Robsta.

I know the latest versio is 4.4.3

But did the issue with emails existed in previous versions ?

I have installed all of the latest critical updates. But the latest full version is 4.3.4

Were there issues with the previous versions ?

The latest version is v4.4.3.

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  • 5 months later...

Everything has been taken care of by the Cubecart guys.

Thank you.

Any chance you can share the solution? The same thing has just happened to me. It was working fine last week and I have installed no mods since then so I can't work out what is causing this.

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