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setting up e mail SMTP with office 365 server

Guest Iane

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Does anyone have the SMTP settings for setting up emails to tell me when theres an order in using office 365 server exchange ??







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Setting up email SMTP with an Office 365 server involves configuring your email client or application to send outgoing emails through Office 365's SMTP server settings. Here's a general guide to help you with the setup:

  1. Log in to Office 365: Access your Office 365 account.

  2. Access SMTP Settings: Navigate to your email settings, often found in the "Settings" or "Account" section.

  3. SMTP Server Information: Locate the SMTP server details for Office 365. These typically include the server address and port number. It might look like this:

    • SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com
    • Port: 587 (or 25, 465, depending on your settings)
    • Encryption: TLS or SSL
  4. Configure Your Email Client: Open your email client (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird) or application.

  5. SMTP Settings: In the email account settings, enter the SMTP server information you gathered in step 3.

  6. Authentication: Ensure that you enable SMTP authentication, and use your Office 365 email address and password for authentication.

  7. Encryption: Choose the appropriate encryption method (TLS or SSL) as per your SMTP server settings.

  8. Testing: Send a test email to ensure that your SMTP configuration works correctly.

Remember to replace 10gbps Unmetered Dedicated Server with the actual email configuration you're setting up. This process allows you to send emails through Office 365's SMTP server using your dedicated server's email client or application.

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